Spark gives time back to all those who live by their inbox.

I struggle a lot with Apple Mail as an email client. I don’t really like the way it’s organized and it just feels a little bit clunky to me especially when I’ve got so much other experience with other email clients that are a bit smoother. That being said, I don’t really like the idea of having a non-Mac mail client on my computer. So, when the opportunity for using Spark for Mac came around I decide to give it a try because I’ve used it on my iOS devices and think it’s a beautiful email client.

Spark Mac App REVIEW Make your email beautiful again

Spark has a mission of getting people like their email again. In this go-go-go world, we sometimes live in a tunnel-vision world where all we see is our inbox. And in my case, that inbox just isn’t very friendly. Spark offers a better way to organize and work with your email. Some of the main features of Spark include:

  • The smart inbox automatically ‘bubbles’ the most important email to the top. All new emails are smartly categorized into Personal, Notifications, and Newsletters.
  • The use of natural language searching allows you to find emails instantly.
  • Spark is a smart app and it will send you notifications only for important messages. You can set a preference to filter out the ‘noise’, saving you from notification overload.
  • Calendar invites are beautiful and not boring. You can see if you want to accept invites from within your email instead of navigating out to your calendar program.
  • Gesture control for most functions including signature selection makes for very smooth movements while you are working.
  • Quick replies are available for an easy acknowledgment to any email.
  • Emails are displayed within a threaded message design instead of a quote/reply mess.
  • Spark is integrated into most major sharing platforms like Dropbox, Box, iCloud Drive, and Evernote.
Spark Mac App REVIEW Make your email beautiful again Spark Mac App REVIEW Make your email beautiful again

One of my favorite features within Spark is the Snooze option. You can basically ‘mute’ a conversation for a period of time if you need to respond to it, but not immediately. This makes clearing your inbox very easy and makes it much less overwhelming if you don’t like inbox overflow. The great thing is that Snooze works across Mac and iOS devices. So if you snooze a conversation on your Mac, it will be snoozed on your iPhone and iPad, too, as long as you are using Spark.

Spark Mac App REVIEW Make your email beautiful again

The set-up of spark mail for Mac can’t be any easier. After you install it from the Mac App Store, all you have to do is select which email provider you’re using and enter in your email credentials. I used my iCloud account to test out the app and it couldn’t have been a simpler experience. After I entered my email address and password, all I had to do was wait for all my messages to download to the app. The entire process only took about 3 minutes. If you have a larger email database, it might take longer for everything to migrate into Spark, but it’s a very seamless process.

Spark Mac App REVIEW Make your email beautiful again

Aside from the Snooze feature, I really love the screen layout of Spark and the gesture-based controls. It just makes navigation easy. I love using Spark and often wish that I could use it on my work computer instead of Outlook. When I started using Spark for Mac, I had about 50 emails in my inbox. Within about 5 minutes I had them organized and prioritized based off of Spark’s Smart features.

Spark Mac App REVIEW Make your email beautiful again

Spark for Mac is free to download and if you are considering changing your email view, I would recommend giving Spark a try. It’s beautiful and very easy to use.

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