Starting today, May 12, team communication becomes more fun and engaging with Spark for iPadOS.

The latest update to Spark for iPadOS brings emojis to email. Now, you and your teammates can add emoji reactions to shared emails or comments. Give your colleague a thumbs up on their weekly report. Agree with a teammate by simply tapping “+” under their comment. Or add a checkmark emoji under an email with a status update to confirm that you’ve read it. 

Just tap the emoji icon below an email and pick the desired reaction. This is a great way to save time on replies and add some fun to your communication. Reactions are available in Spark on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

In addition to the ability to use emojis within emails, Spark’s update also adds mouse and trackpad support for iPads. More and more people are replacing their computers with iPads, building ultimate productivity setups with mouses, keyboards, and even external monitors. And the new Magic Keyboard with a trackpad provides even more versatility for iPad Pro.

For all of you who use an iPad as your primary work device, Spark introduces the full mouse and trackpad support. Our goal with this update is to provide you with a smooth and effortless email experience on your iPad.

Now, navigating your inbox becomes a lot faster and more convenient. You can quickly scroll through your emails, perform swipe actions with a trackpad, and easily select the text, just like you do on your desktop. And when you hover over different toolbars in Spark, the pointer will change its appearance to enhance your navigation. 

To use Spark with your Bluetooth mouse or trackpad, make sure you have iPadOS 13.4. 

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