You don’t have to break the bank to have high-quality earbuds.

Affordable headphones that sound great and are comfortable to wear are hard to come by. I should know since I’ve tested quite a few sets of them. I usually end up with headaches and earaches from improper fitting earbuds or they just sound hollow. This is why earbuds not typically my favorite type of headphones. That said, I have found some sets that are worth the time like this amazing set of earbuds from Soundpeats — the TrueBuds Wireless Earbuds.


The TrueBuds Wireless Earbuds are considered “semi-in-ear” earphones. They feature touch controls, Bluetooth 5.0, and long-lasting battery life. The earbuds are designed with a semi-in-ear fit so that there is a balance between comfort and snug fit. The goal was to provide users with a design that eliminated discomfort and optimized experience with sensitive touch controls. The TrueBuds also provide the user with a large capacity charging case that features a 2600 mAh rechargeable battery and can work as a mobile power bank in an emergency. A single charge on the earbuds provides a user with 3.5 hours of playtime. The TrueBuds have Bluetooth 5.0 integrated for a stable connection and seamless switch between stereo and mono modes. A powerful driver is built into the earbuds (a large 14.2 bio-compound diaphragm) that delivers immersive and lossless sound. It takes balance on highs, mids, and lows into account so users get the best sound possible.


  • Bluetooth chip: RTL8763BFP
  • Waterproof level: IPX4
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Audio Codec: SBC, AAC
  • Working Range: 33 feet (10m)
  • Technology: HSP1.2, HFP1.6, A2DP1.3, AVRCP1.6
  • Battery Capacity: 2600 mAh (case)
  • Charging Time: 4.5 hours
  • Standby Time: 32 hours
  • Playtime: 60 hours
  • Product dimensions: 1.71 x 0.85 x 0.67 inches
  • Weight: 0.32 ounces

What’s in the Box

  • Soundpeats Truebuds Wireless Earbuds
  • Charging Case
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual


The TrueBuds come in a nice retail package. The front of the box is white with an image of the earbuds in black. It’s a nice contrast and really makes the product image stand out. There isn’t a lot of product information included on the box, but on the back there is the contact information for Soundpeats included as well as another image of the product.

When you open the box, you will find the earbuds stored in their charging case, a couple of information cards, a short (12-inch) USB-C cable for charging the case, and a multi-language user manual. I immediately opened the case and pulled the earbuds out. I decided to see if I could start using them without any instruction from the manual. As it turns out, the earbuds entered pairing mode when I removed them from the case and I connected them to my phone. The earbuds actually look and feel a lot like Apple AirPods, which is part of the reason I really liked them by their design. Apple AirPods are one of the only sets of earbuds that ‘fit’ my ears well. So, by the transitive property, I figured that the Soundpeats TrueBuds would also be a good fit. I was right. From the moment I slipped them into my ears, I was comfortable. The earbuds actually feel a little loose and I thought they might slip out. As it turns out though, they are actually pretty secure.


I opened up Pandora and started streaming music as soon as I had the earbuds in my ears. I was shocked that they sounded so good. This was in part because they are so budget-friendly ($49 at the time of writing this article) and in part because of their loose fit. I’ve found earbuds that have a looser fit sometimes lose detail in the audio. Soundpeats has somehow found a way to get this done without the premium cost. Music was not hollow sounding at all. I did notice that they do not provide much — if any — sound isolation. They aren’t billed as noise-cancelling earbuds, but you usually get a little ambient noise being blocked based on how tightly an earbud fits into the ear. Because they are looser fit, ambient noise does seep through. I don’t might this because it means I can listen to music, but still be aware of my surroundings.

My ultimate sound test is the first 5-7 minutes of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. It’s a very diverse soundtrack that includes dialogue, music, score, and sound effects. I’m happy to say that the TrueBuds passed the GOTG test. I feel like there might have been a little detail lost during the Marvel intro, but the rest of the opening was clear and none of the details were muted or undefined.


So, are the TrueBuds as good as on-ear headphones? No. But they are really solid earbuds. I’m not sure if they will work for someone who is vigorously working out as they could pop out of an ear with lots of movement, but they work really well for most activities. I hope the TrueBuds will last the test of time because it would be great to have a set of budget-friendly earbuds that can be depended on.

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