It’s filled my portable speaker void.

I need to have music playing for almost every activity that I do, including sleeping. I wish I could carry around a full sized stereo with me everywhere. I have tried several portable speakers, with mixed results. Either they are too big, not loud enough, terrible sound quality, or poor battery life. While I can trade off on a few of these things I need a majority of the qualities while still being durable and able to withstand my rigorous day to day activities.

SoundPEATS P2 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers REVIEW

SoundPEATS P2 outdoor wireless speaker has filled my portable speaker void. At about 3 inches square it’s small and easily tucked away. The 2000 MaH battery provides hours of listening from this small speaker. While it is connected via Bluetooth I didn’t loose sound quality, which is a huge plus in my book. Like most Bluetooth speakers I can use it as a speakerphone with the built-in microphone. I really don’t like doing that, but in a pinch it’s handy.

SoundPEATS P2 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers REVIEW

SoundPEATS P2 is technically a bicycle speaker. There is a small screw on the bottom to attach to your bike or a tripod like I put it on. The biggest feature to me is the water resistant feature. A lot of time I and jamming out in a not so dry environment like the shower or in the rain, I need to not have to worry. I can with the P2’s IP65 water resistant body. I dropped it in a full bathtub and it sounded a little distorted until I shook it off a couple of times and then it went right back to blasting my favorite music. The outer shell is actually quite rugged. I dropped it several times on accident and then a few more just to see what happened. It held up beautifully. The P2 will be my new everyday wireless speaker.


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