A remarkable listening experience from a Bluetooth speaker.

One of my favorite accessories has always been Bluetooth speakers. I love listening to music wherever I go and even though I have headphones or could listen directly through the phone, I sometimes like to have extra volume and bass depth that Bluetooth speakers provide. As the summer comes to a close, I wanted to highlight one of my favorite new speakers – the Motion Boom from SoundCore. This delightful speaker has a style that is reminiscent of classic boomboxes from the 80s and 90s; plus, the sound is outstanding. So here’s a deeper look at the Motion Boom by SoundCore. 


The Motion Boom is designed for outdoor adventures. It has an IPX7 rating, is waterproof, and floats if it lands in the water. With a full battery charge, users should get up to 24 hours of playtime, which is great for camping trips, boat trips, and more. The speaker features 100% pure titanium diaphragms for reproducing high frequencies up to 40 kHz. This means noticeably higher clarity for your audio enjoyment. In addition to the impressive hardware, the Motion Boom also has BassUp technology included which uses an in-house tuned digital signal processor to analyze low frequencies and intensify them in real-time for bass that hits harder. Motion Boom is also compatible with the SoundCore app which gives users the option of customizing EQ modes for an even more personalized listening experience. Finally, the Motion Boom features Bluetooth 5.0 for ultra-stable connections between the speaker and its connected devices. 

SoundCore Motion Boom Bluetooth Speaker


  • Sound: Huge Stereo Sound Enhanced Clarity: 100% pure titanium diaphragms (up to 40kHz) BassUp Technology
  • Playtime: 24 hours
  • Water Resistance: IPX7
  • Wireless Stereo Pairing: Yes
  • USB Charge In: USB-C
  • App: Yes
  • Size: 13.62 x 5.83 x 7.87 in
  • Weight: 4.41 lb
  • Can Pair With: Motion Boom


When the Motion Boom arrived at our doorstep I immediately opened its box and paired it to my phone. I’ve been a fan of SoundCore speakers for a few years now, an obsession that began with the SoundCore Flare speaker and was thrilled to have a new speaker for summertime. The set-up of the device is super simple. There is no assembly. You just take it out of the box, charge it, and connect it to your phone (or other Bluetooth devices). The speaker did have a charge out of the box and I could start using it right away. A USB-C cable is included with the speaker and so is a quick start guide. The quick start guide is completely illustrated and has very few words on it. I’m sure this was done to be accessible to people of different nationalities without needing to include multiple languages. 

SoundCore Motion Boom Bluetooth Speaker

When you start up the speaker, you will hear a melodic tone play, which indicates the speaker has powered on. You will then hear a tone that indicates whether or not a device connects. Once you have connected a device to the speaker, it will automatically reconnect to the speaker the next time it’s powered on. There were a few times when I hadn’t had the speaker powered on for days at a time, but sure enough, when I powered it on, my phone connected immediately. To connect Bluetooth devices, you simply press the Bluetooth button (one short press) and it goes into pairing mode. I LOVE this so much because there are so many speakers that make you go through hoops just to pair a new device. The Motion Boom is easy to interface with and control. I love being able to adjust the volume of the audio on the speaker as well as play/pause, advance tracks, or reverse tracks as needed thanks to the multifunction button on the control panel on the speaker. 

SoundCore Motion Boom Bluetooth Speaker

The sound quality of the speaker is great. No matter what device I had connected (usually my iPhone 12 Pro or iPad Pro) I experienced no lag between the device and speaker and I got enough amplification from the speaker. It really produces a rich, full, loud sound. The volume is only an amplification of the volume from your connected device. What I mean by that is when you are adjusting the volume on the speaker, it is just adjusting the volume on the device and not adding to the device’s volume. I’ve been very impressed with my listening experiences and I’ve taken the speaker with me just about everywhere. While I don’t have a pool at home anymore, it was certainly nice not to have to worry about the speaker getting rained on while I was working in the yard. 


The Motion Boom is a great all-around speaker that fulfills audio listening needs. It’s easy to carry around – thanks to its boombox style handle – and remarkably easy to use. The only feature that would make this speaker better is if there was a place to set your phone while you are using it. 

For more information, visit soundcore.com, Facebook, and Twitter.