Award-winning Audio Manufacturer Showcases Full VGX Series at the Consumer Electronics Show for the First Time

Soundcast, the award-winning manufacturer of high-performance wireless audio systems, unveiled the entire VGX series for the first time today at CES 2018. Delivering the ultimate indoor or outdoor listening experience, the VGX series exhibits the premium sound quality that Soundcast is renowned for.

Soundcast outfits speakers in a durable and elegant exterior equipped with shock absorbing and weatherproofing, creating the optimal audio performance for any environment. Highlights of the VGX series include the VG10, the world’s first outdoor Bluetooth speaker with DTS PlayFi integration, and the world’s first outdoor Bluetooth speakers with a capacitive touch interface, the VG5, and VG3. Soundcast will be exhibiting in Suite 30-110 in the Venetian Towers at CES 2018 from Jan. 9-12, 2018.

New at CES 2018

The highly-anticipated VG10 is the world’s first portable, outdoor Bluetooth speaker with DTS PlayFi technology. Pair the speaker with over 30 different interoperable speakers, sound bars and receivers in the Play-Fi ecosystem and enjoy high-quality lossless audio in any listening environment. Featuring long-lasting battery life and the weatherproofing which Soundcast is known for, the VG10 enables listeners to utilize DTS PlayFi technology in the outdoors for the first time ever. ($999.99)

The VG5 encapsulates many of the beloved features of previously-announced models including a capacitive touch interface, fuel-gauge LED array and weather-resistant exterior and presents the perfect balance of huge party-filling sound and portability. Powered by a long-throw, down-firing 6″ woofer and two 3” full range drivers, the VG5 produces low-end booming sound to fill the expanses of any listening environment. ($499.99)

Featuring a capacitive touch interface to power the speaker off and on and a fuel-gauge LED that displays power, battery, and volume, the VG3 provides ultimate ease of use for consumers and marks an unprecedented feature set for an outdoor Bluetooth speaker. At 3.5 lb., the lightweight VG3 is designed with two 1.5” full-range drivers and a long-throw, 3” down-firing woofer for rich, full reaching sound. ($299.99)

Marking the first accessory Soundcast has released since the Bluecast, which enabled Bluetooth capability to their legacy products the Outcast and Outcast Junior, the VGtx allows connection from optical or digital input to any Bluetooth device. The long-range transmitter enables speakers to extend beyond the standard 30 meters and increases to 50-meter transmission and features optical pass-thru for adding supporting audio to any setup that includes a soundbar. The VGtx is accessible through a 3.5mm aux input. ($99.99)

Additional models in the VGX Series

Equipped with a long-throw, down-firing 7” subwoofer and four 3” full-range drivers, the VG7 embodies a full-range, loudspeaker system in one unit. The indoor and outdoor audio EQ modes allow for a totally customizable listening experience in a variety of settings, and a rechargeable battery powers long playback. The VG7 features four discretely enclosed speakers for immersive 360-degree sound for any environment. Impressively rich and full as a solo unit, the VG7 boasts Soundcast’s standard Auto Bluetooth pairing configuration that enables two VG7 units to seamlessly connect and unite for an even more immersive sound coverage. ($799.99)

The VG1 boasts superb quality throughout including shock absorbing and waterproofing, striking the perfect balance for indoor and outdoor listening enjoyment. Crafted with premium 2″ aluminum drivers which include powerful neodymium magnets, a rear-firing weighted bass radiator, and digital sound processing, audio translates remarkably full through an ultraportable, light 1 lb. package. The VG1 also works with Siri and Amazon Alexa for handsfree control, features a built-in microphone for conference calls and volume can be easily adjusted or a track can be paused via onboard controls. The auto Bluetooth pairing feature allows two VG1 units to seamlessly connect and play at a 30-foot range for up to 15 hours with a rechargeable battery, filling a room, backyard pool party or indoor/outdoor setting with crisp, clear sound. ($149.99)

“After years of closely studying the market before launching the VGX series, we’ve applied Soundcast’s expertise in designing and engineering premium audio products to create a full line of products that offer detailed and robust sound in the outdoors,” said Charity Hardwick, Vice President, Sales, and Marketing. “Showcasing the entire VGX Series at CES 2018 is the result of years of extensive market research and embodies the notion that there shouldn’t be a need to sacrifice really rich audio for a rugged, weather-resistant enclosure.”

Preorder the VG3, VG5, VG10 and VGtx by contacting Soundcast at and purchase the VG1 and VG7 by visiting or

For more information on the VGX product suite, please visit


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