SoundBot Bluetooth Shower Speaker successful gift for the music lover that sings in the shower.

I am not certain if singing in the shower is an ubiquitous thing or isolated to my wife in the shower/tub. She is a singer and is very good at it. She will often be found lounging in the tub, Galaxy S5 precariously perched on the side, music playing. It shouldn’t bother me, but we have a serial phone killer amongst us. Whether it’s the toilet, the foot, her car tire, a pool or leaving it someplace, phones don’t stand a chance. So this Christmas, I thought I would get her a thoughtful/useful gift. I got her a Bluetooth 3.0 speaker that is water resistant.

SoundBot Bluetooth Shower Speaker Review

I purchased SoundBot from Amazon, during the early deals of December. The device is small, weighing in at 110 grams (imagine 110 paperclips). There is a suction cup on the back of the device, which is actually quite strong. It holds very well to the sliding glass door in the shower as well as to the back of the tile on the tub. It is important to note that this is water resistant, IPX4, and not waterproof. I did not know what the IP system (Ingress Protection) was until I bought this item. There is a good Wikipedia page that can fill you in on the details. Basically, you have IP(dust protection)(water/droplet protection ). X serves as a placeholder when no dust protection is present or needed. The number gives the degree of protection (0 no protection, 1 small drips light rain, 2 heavier drips and rain, 4 splashing any direction). Submersion is not recommended up until IPX7. Interestingly, the Apple Watch is IPX7. So although they recommended against submersion, I’m sure my wife or children will at some point prove this device is not waterproof.

Here are some of the pros of the device. The packaging is professionally done, I like the clear plastic at the top of the box allowing direct visualization of the device. The charger and instruction manual are in a cardboard box below. The instruction manual is well written, easily understandable. The device has a range of roughly 10 meters, which I have tested and found to be accurate. You do not need much more than this. It will work through a wall.

SoundBot Bluetooth Shower Speaker Review

It contains a 400 mA hour lithium battery. It takes about three hours to charge to full. Once full, you you have about six hours of playback time. It measures at 3.5 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches tall, including the suction cup.

The device has actually exceeded my expectations. As a speaker alone, it actually works quite well. The volume could be better, as it is a little on the quieter side, especially while shower/bath water is running. Yet, this is far superior to the phone speaker from its location on the counter. With the water off, the sound quality is okay. The base sounds are on the weaker end, but this is expected for a device at the 10-20 dollar price point. I am no audiophile; I feel that good enough sound at a good price point is acceptable.

The big con that I have read about on many reviews is, it does not appear that the device has an auto shut off feature. I have reviewed the manual and did not find this information. Holding the power button for 5-6 seconds gives you a nice “Beep” power off noise alerting you to the power off function. I typically turn off my devices and find this to be a non nuisance. Just remember to turn it off or you may come back to a dead speaker. Pairing is easy, hold on and off button for 6 seconds and you will see a red/blue light flashing. Open the Bluetooth on your phone, search on your device for the Bluetooth Speaker and the device is paired. Charging is completed with the included USB to micro charger. There is not an included wall outlet charger. You will have to obtain elsewhere. Again, a non nuisance, as I have so many USB wall chargers that I am glad to not have to add another to the junk drawer.

SoundBot Bluetooth Shower Speaker Review

Lastly, the device also has Siri voice control! You can double tap the talk button to activate Siri and androids voice assistant (if using an android phone). This works well while in a shower listening to music and you don’t have to handle your phone (again at about 10 meters). I have not used it to make or receive a call, so I cannot comment on that aspect of the device. It is neat that this feature is included. Don’t like the color? You can buy this in pink, yellow, white,blue, green and all black.

I feel I succeeded with this gift. I tend to be in charge of the tech in my family and thus I keep the speaker charged and ready to go for my wife. She has really enjoyed the speaker, especially while sitting in a warm bath and listening to Christian Radio and Holiday Classics. This is a great family gift, one that will serve to fill the hole we all have. Not that hole! I am referring to the tech void of the bathroom. I rate this at 4.5/5 stars, losing a half of a point for volume and weaker base sound. You can purchase this from and you will not be disappointed.