SoundBase 350 Home Theater System Review:

The TV in your bedroom is calling out for a SoundBase 350 home theater system.

SoundBase 350 Home Theater System Review 3Several years ago when I was working on my Masters Degree, I gave myself the gift of a new television. It was at the dawn of the flatscreen era of TVs and the one I purchased wouldn’t be considered ‘flat’ by today’s definition. At the time, I was in awe of my set-up. I had a brand new HD flatscreen TV and all I was lacking was a nice surround sound set-up. Unfortunately, I was in an apartment at the time and wasn’t allowed to hang speakers from the walls or run the cabling needed for a proper 5.1 speaker set-up. So, I tried the next logical thing – a sound bar.

Sound bars were a relatively new concept for home theaters and not anything more than an amplification of the TV’s sound and not true surround sound. I made the decision to sell that sound bar when I moved out of that apartment and resolved to wait until technology caught up with sound bars.

I am happy to say that my patience through the years has paid off and the SoundBase 350 from ZVox has been what I was looking for.

SoundBase 350 Home Theater System Review 4The SoundBase 350 is the perfect addition to your home theater system. Will it replace a ‘true’ surround system, no, but it will fill a medium-sized room with a beautiful, deep, abundant sound that you can’t get through traditional add-on speakers. It utilizes PhaseCue virtual surround technology that allows sound effect to fill the room. It’s got a compact design that is built into a robust wooden cabinet. It’s strong enough to hold up most flatscreen televisions and small enough to slide into a bookshelf entertainment center. SoundBase also utilizes all-digital processing and amplification with Dolby Digital decoding, which makes for the best sound experience possible from a sound bar.

Set-up of the SoundBase was very easy. Once you have the speaker out of the packaging and you have the living space for it ready to go, you plug in the power cable and then the input cable – either digital optical or RCA. On the other end, you plug your desired cable into the output on your TV, or other device. On my TV, I had to select ‘external speaker’ in its audio menu, but then it was ready to go. The SoundBase comes with a small remote that works very easily, but you can program the speaker to work with your preference of universal remote.

SoundBase 350 Home Theater System Review 6The sound is beautiful. One of the reasons I was very excited about this product was because my fiancé has trouble hearing. He can’t hear extreme highs (for example, birds chirping) and has trouble understanding voices on TV at times. I wanted to test out the SoundBase because I thought it might help him hear things on TV better and make for a more enjoyable viewing experience. The SoundBase uses an AccuVoice technology that delivers super-clear voice reproduction and we can attest to it working as described.

One of the truly beautiful features of the SoundBase’s design is that its subwoofer is built-in. This is wonderful because some sound bars don’t produce enough bass to compete with systems that include a subwoofer. The SoundBase does. We have a 5.1 surround sound system set-up in our living room complete with a 875 watt subwoofer. The SoundBase produces a rich, vibrant deep sound that while it doesn’t make the room shake like our 875 sub does, definitely rivals the sound that the living room system makes. It’s a great alternative to a multiple speaker system. We have the SoundBase 350 set-up in our bedroom and it’s a fantastic addition.

SoundBase 350 Home Theater System Review 7Another fabulous feature that sound bars of the past didn’t include is the built-in Bluetooth. To me, this was the icing on the cake. After I had the SoundBase hooked up and functioning with our TV, I played around with the Bluetooth function. Some Bluetooth devices require a special app for it to function. The SoundBase does not. It was truly one of the easiest pairing experiences I’ve ever had. The only  easier process was the Apple Watch. To use this feature, you simply turn the input on the speaker to ‘blue’ on the display screen. Then you go to your Bluetooth menu under settings on your phone. The word ‘ZVox’ will appear. After you tap that selection, it will pair and you can begin playing audio as you wish through your device.

Since I’ve had the SoundBase 350 for testing, I’ve used it for a variety of function – TV, movies, music – and I can’t be happier with it. If you are looking to bring some amazing, full sound into your home, try the SoundBase 350 by ZVox.

The SoundBase 350 retails for $250 and is for use with TVs up to 42” in size. ZVox has the SoundBase series of products for up to 80” TVs.

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