Sound Intone I80 DJ Stereo Headphones are sturdy and provide a decent sound.

I love to listen to music. It calms me down when I’m wound up and vice versa. I tend to listen to music in some weird situations. I have several different headphones and earbuds. I tend to lean more towards actual headphones rather than earbuds. They stay out and almost always sound better, as well as block out ambient noise. They tend to be a lot more comfortable for me to wear for prolonged times. For some of my activities, headphones sometimes break or take a lot of wear and tear. With this in mind, I’ve searched for a cheaper set of headphone arhat will still deliver a great sound, but not hit my wallet hard.

Sound Intone I80 DJ Stereo Headphones Review

Sound Intone’s DJ Stereo Headset is what I decided on. With an over the head design I get the stability and piece of mind that the won’t just pop out of my ears or slide off during vigorous activities. The headband is a lightweight plastic, helping with weight and comfort. The over all weight of the headphones is pretty minimal. You can still feel them on your head, but after a few moments, it is easy to to forget that they are even there. The inside of the headband is padded with a leather padding that helps when you are jamming out for extended periods. I have a larger head and the adjustable headband is important to me. The large ear pads are quite comfortable as well. Hidden behind them is the 40mm speaker driver. The whole cup assembly is semi movable for a little bit more added comfort.

Sound Intone I80 DJ Stereo Headphones Review

The sound of the speaker drivers is about mid range on quality and sound. The sound is very clear and loud, but they don’t have a completely crystal clear sound. This is a corded headset, but the cord plugs into the headphones and your media device. This stopped me from getting caught on things in passing. The cord has an inline microphone dongle near the headphone end. Besides the microphone, it also house a sliding volume adjustment and a call answering button. Considering most of our media players are phones, this is a necessity.

Sound Intone I80 DJ Stereo Headphones Review

For the price, Sound Intone’s DJ Stereo Headphones have earned there way into at least a weekly use. I  get a pretty decent sound and don’t have to worry if I break them or they get caught on an object and get destroyed.


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