Sound Intone i60 Headphones – these headphones can stand up to some heavy competition and even manage to land a punch or two of their own.

Headphones are fun to review. There are so many physical configurations and hardware specifications to choose from that I never know what to expect when I see a new brand name hit my review desk. The Sound Intone i60 headphones are an easy recommend.

I am a fan of over-the-ear headphones so I was a little disappointed to see these headphones sporting a pair of on-ear cups, instead. Thankfully, the provided padding is yielding enough to still form a decent seal when the headset is in place.  Better still, the adjustable tension allows the headphones to stay firmly in place but at a light enough force to minimize ear pain. The headphones are also collapsible, which may interest some users.

Sound Intone i60 Headphones Review

These wired headphones have a braided covering over the non-removable headphone cable. This feature is always welcome because it can help prevent some of the messier tangles. Potential buyers will want to note that these headphones have a cable that is slightly longer than the standard pair of headphones such as the Apple Earpods. Since the i60s are designed for mobile devices, an in-line microphone and media control button are available for use in much the same fashion as any other set of smartphone pack-in headphones.

I have noticed that many in-line microphones tend to have very little volume, so I do not expect much from the provided microphones on these types of headsets. However, my Siri interactions and test calls worked just fine and no user should expect a studio-quality recording out of this microphone, anyway.

I use a few standard steps when testing a new piece of audio hardware. During my game audio tests, I usually use Planet Quest and Lost in Harmony. These two rhythm action games offer plenty of music from a number of music genres and they are also a lot of fun to play. For “traditional” music testing, I tend to grab a lot of random audio from Pandora, though I do have a few favorites: Lindsey Stirling’s violin and electronica blends are great for testing all kinds of speaker range. For bass performance, I usually try a few tracks from Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy Soundtrack. I believe that “Derezzed” and “End of Line” are especially good tests of a speaker to deliver clear bass audio.

Sound Intone i60 Headphones Review

Overall, my testing confirms that these headphones sound pretty good! The speakers can put out plenty of volume and maintain pretty good audio clarity through most music and game playback. If you have read my previous reviews involving audio hardware, you can probably guess where this is paragraph is going. These headphones displayed some weakness when playing a track with heavy bass.  Don’t worry, most of my bass performance testing still sounded great, but try out “Derezzed” at about 1:40 into the song and you’ll pick up on a bit of “reluctance” on the headphones during a very rough bass drop.  Once you hear that “not-quite-deep-enough” bass beat, you’ll begin to notice it in lighter music, too.

Sound Intone i60 Headphones Review

Do not let the paragraph above discourage a potential purchase. For the asking price, Sound Intone offers an excellent value backed up with above-average performance. My slight issues during heavy bass playback have not stopped me from using his headset as my go-to pair when packing for the weekend. I cannot promise that these headphones will satisfy any hardcore audiophiles out there, but nearly everyone else should find benefit from the purchase. If you are interested in a step up from the earbuds included with your mobile device, check out the Amazon link below let me know what you think.

(Interested in the games I mentioned above? Try these out!)

Planet Quest
Lost in Harmony

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