Soul headphones inspired and tested by professional athletes help create a lightweight option for sports.

Like so many people out there, I like to listen to music when I do anything active. In fact, one of my favorite things to do is listen to 90s hip-hop when I’m doing yard work. The only issue I really have with this is proper selection of headphones. I have a lot of different styles of headphones to choose from, but each one has their own particular quirk with physical activities. For example, my Apple AirPods will slip out of my ears if I start sweating; my Libratone On-Ear Noise Canceling headphones will cause my ears to sweat since they fit directly on my ears. Plus they are a little too expensive to replace if they get damaged, and my Master & Dynamic on-ear headphones aren’t Bluetooth capable so I have a dangling cable in the way of my yard tools. Given these limitations, imagine my excitement when I tried out the X-Tra Wireless Over-Ear Headphones by Soul Electronics. They are lightweight and designed for use during sports and other physical activities.

Soul X-Tra Wireless Over-Ear Headphones REVIEW

The X-Tra Wireless headphones were designed for active lifestyles. They have advanced HD drivers and are engineered to deliver a balanced, high-quality sound. The headphones are extremely lightweight. They weigh only 198 grams and are very comfortable to wear. They come in two different color choices — blue and black — and there are LED lights that face the rear of the headphones that provide added protection when you are active at night. Because these are meant for people to wear when they are being physically active, the ear pads are breathable and washable. The pads are wrapped with a moisture-wicking material. The battery is reported to provide over 24-hours of playtime with the LED lights off. In addition to the long battery life, the headphones will charge quickly — after 15 minutes of charge time, you should have 150 minutes of playtime. The X-Tra Wireless headphones are very compact. Besides being lightweight, they are also foldable and they ship with a convenient travel case.

Soul X-Tra Wireless Over-Ear Headphones REVIEW


  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Bluetooth Profiles include: HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
  • Built-in 320 mAh Li-ion Polymer Battery
  • Bluetooth range approximately 33 feet
  • Frequency Response: 20-20KHz
  • Speaker Diameter: 40mm
  • Dynamic Driver

The Soul X-Tra Wireless Over-Ear Headphones come packaged in a larger branded box with all the specs listed on the exterior. When you open the box, you will find the storage case with the headphones resting inside. There is also a USB charging cable and audio cable included and stored inside the case. The case is rounded in shape and come with a pre-installed caribeanner for easy attachment to bags and laptop cases. The headphones fold up easily and fit in the case with no problems. There is a nice pocket included on the interior of the case where the cables can be stored. Even though there are already cable placed there, I believe that a few other items could be stored there as well.

Soul X-Tra Wireless Over-Ear Headphones REVIEW

The operation of the headphones is pretty easy. There are controls on the right ear piece that allow you to do the following operations:

  • power on/off
  • volume up/down
  • play/pause
  • answer/end call
  • refuse call
  • last call redial
  • advance track/rewind

Even though I appreciate the controls being all located on one ear piece, I have to admit that they could be easier to find by feel. What I mean by this is when you reach up to the ear piece with your hand, it’s a little hard to discern which control is which without looking. After some practice, I have figured it out, but I thought that it was a little more difficult than it needed to be.

Soul X-Tra Wireless Over-Ear Headphones REVIEW

The sound quality is actually excellent. I listened to several different types of music and watch a few videos and found that the sound was clear and crisp. It wasn’t hollow sounding at all. Call quality wasn’t bad either. I could hear quite easily and even though it wasn’t as good as talking on my iPhone or through my AirPods the caller could understand me well. One thing I do want to make mention of here is noise cancellation. These headphones are not noise canceling, but because they are ‘over the ear’, there is a certain amount of ambient noise that is eliminated from your listening experience. I found that I couldn’t hear my mechanical keyboard over the music that was playing, but when someone hollered for me from another room, I could hear that.

Overall, the Soul X-Tra Wireless Over-Ear Headphones were a pleasant surprise. They provided me we a very lightweight set of solid headphones that can handle human exercise.

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