Great headphones for an active lifestyle.

I’m starting to think I have a headphone/earbud addiction.  I have tried so many different types and want to never be stuck without a pair.  With my iPhone 7 Plus making the major switch to being more conveniently, Bluetooth supported, I need to have a solid pair with good sound and equally good battery life.  The Soul Electronics Bluetooth earbuds are a very nice set with excellent charge time and battery life.

Unboxing:  I always like to point out when a brand has great packaging and this is one of them.  The overall design is eye-catching and definitely something that would be a nice looking gift.  The earbuds themselves are not too flashy but they don’t need to be because the smaller the better.  This set is solid black except for the golden S logo on the earpieces.  I appreciate the fact that this set comes with a nice small hard shell case that I can toss in my bag and keep the accessories organized and the earbuds tangle free.  The controls are located on the labeled right ear earbud.  The controls allow you to turn them on, skip tracks, adjust volume, and contain a microphone for phone calls.  Also included with the set is a micro USB cable, interchangeable memory foam bud tips, and a clip to secure them to your shirt to prevent losing them if you’re being active.  I think the clip is a fantastic thing if you are being active.  I’ve heard of a lot of people accidentally losing their earbuds.

SOUL Electronics Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds REVIEW

Testing:  The sound quality is nice and clear.  The only thing I felt it was missing was a little extra bass.  These being built for activity and mobility it is a good thing that these don’t engulf me with a loud bass so I’m still able to be aware of the world around me.  They did not distort on max volume and receiving a phone call I had no issues with dropping sound or them having issues hearing me.  I was able to walk around my apartment and still kept connectivity so these would be good if you wanted to do things without carrying your phone around.  Now knowing these were waterproof I did some research about how waterproof they meant.  It said that you can shower in these so I wanted to see if it was true.  I took a shower and even washed my hair with them in and they work just fine.  Now it was a little weird sounding when a bit of water dropped down in my ear but I took them out of the water and put them right back in.  So these will hold up for use near water.  Lastly, these earbuds claim to charge fast and I can back that up.  The charge was super fast and I left them on to run the battery down.  I charged them for the 15 minutes it said to get 90 minute play time.  I didn’t test the time exactly to the minute but it lasted for over an hour.  So in total, the play time on a full charge is 12 hours and it won’t take long to get it fully charged.

SOUL Electronics Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds REVIEW

Overall:  I really like this set of earbuds.  I would recommend this to the active person because of the weatherproof benefit.  However, anyone would enjoy this pair of earbuds because of the good quality and fast charge time.

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