A wonderful portable solution for powerful sound.

A couple of times a year, we family gatherings at our house. These events usually involve several people and we spread out around the house. When we do, it makes it harder for people to enjoy music that we have streaming from our house Bluetooth speaker. We have several smaller speakers, but nothing that can really fill the entire house. The High Power XB60 Portable Bluetooth Speaker by Sony ended up being the perfect answer.

The speaker sits about two feet tall and provides easy options for connectivity. With up to 14 hours of battery life, the Sony speaker is the ultimate option for portable audio needs. It features multiple LED lights and EXTRA BASS, which offers deep lows to help create the perfect atmosphere for group gatherings.

Sony High Power XB60 Portable Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

Some of the main features include:

  • LDAC for High-Quality Sound – LDAC, an audio coding technology developed by Sony that enables the transmission of High-Resolution audio content, provides an enhanced wireless listening experience
  • Streaming through Bluetooth or NFC – Simply connectivity with NFC, if your device is compatible, or Bluetooth
  • Built-in Battery – Charge your speaker and then take it anywhere you want when it’s charged
  • Mic Input – You can be the party MC just by plugging in a microphone
  • Wireless Party Chain – You can connect up to 10 compatible wireless speakers via Bluetooth and synchronize the music and lights throughout the chain

The High Power XB60 Portable Bluetooth Speaker arrives in a Sony branded box and doesn’t require any assembly. You simply lift the speaker out of its box and plug it in. One of the really cool features of this speaker is that it can be 100% wireless. The speaker has an internal battery that provides up to 14 hours of runtime. Out of the box, it did have a charge to it so I was able to turn it on and immediately start listening to music through the powerful speaker.

Sony High Power XB60 Portable Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

In addition to wireless connections, the High Power Home Audio System also supports analog audio through RCA. There is one USB port available and a microphone input. Even though I didn’t attempt to use this as a PA system, I could see that being a wise use of the speaker since it does project sound well and it’s very lightweight.

The big claim to fame for this speaker is the fact that it can be chained together with other High Power Audio System speakers. I only had a single unit so I wasn’t able to test this out, but knowing that for $500 I could have a decent set of paired speakers — especially for our home gatherings — is really a strong benefit to me.

Sony High Power XB60 Portable Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

I really love the sound this speaker produced. It was clear and the bass boost really does a nice job of amplifying the depth of the sound. My fiancé said that some of the highs were a little muddy, but it wasn’t enough to regard this speaker as a ‘bad’ audio system. The lighting effect is a neat addition, but it’s not the reason I would recommend the speaker. It’s sort of the icing on the cake though.

I did attempt to use the Audio System as a speakerphone but wasn’t very successful. Even though I could hear my caller just fine through the speaker, they had difficulty hearing me. All in all, this is a really nice option for a ‘party’ speaker. I also would recommend it as an inexpensive field monitor or portable option for DJ’s to use for events.

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