Songza helps users find the right music for the right time.

Have you ever had a moment in your car when you wish you had the right ‘soundtrack’ to sing along to? Or, have you spent endless hours tailoring the perfect workout playlist? If you have, give Songza a try.

Songza-screenshot1Songza is a free app that helps users find the ideal music for every situation. It has customized playlists set up and after the user selects the ‘mood’, Songza selects the music. The library is organized by activity, genre, decade and mood. Songza provides thousands of original playlists that are streamed right to your iOS device. The best part? There are no listening limits and the app is free (with ad support).

Even though Songza has been in the marketplace since 2011, it was recently re-imagined on May 2nd to include improved navigation and faster streaming. The concierge function is the main reason to download the app, but it is set up to allow users to skip the concierge functions and simply pick a playlist based off of personal preferences.

Songza-screenshot2I have been a Pandora listener for years and when I stumbled upon Songza, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a streaming music app with a twist. It loads quickly and is very easy to navigate. The design is stunning and I would recommend Songza to anyone who creates playlists for specific occassions. This app will save you a lot of time and trouble.