SoLove 20,000 mAh Slim Power Bank brings power, efficiency, and sleek style to personal power arsenals.

If there is one thing I can’t get enough of, it’s portable batteries. I think that since the invention of the mobile phone, there has been no greater innovation with technology. Portable batteries fuel our everyday activities since they tend to revolve around our mobile devices. And there is nothing like running out of power as the worst possible moment when you need it most. Most of the time I prefer to use the smaller pocket-sized battery packs, but realize there is a limitation with battery capacity. So, then, the question is do I sacrifice a compact battery in order to carry one that has a larger mAh rating? The answer is, “yes.”

SoLove offers a 20,000 mAh slim power bank in a variety of colors – gold, green, rose gold, silver, burgandy red, and space gray. This power bank is built to be portable, but also durable. The body is constructed out of aluminum alloyt while the battery itself is a high density Li-Polymer battery. For a power bank, it’s pretty heavy weighing in at 1.5 pounds. When I first got my hands on it, I thought that it would rival most smaller form tablets and after reviewing the specs, I was correct.

SoLove 20,000 mAh Slim Power Bank Review

As a side by side comparison with an iPad Mini, the SoLove Power Bank is definitely larger by the numbers.

SoLove Power Bank  Apple iPad Mini 2 
 Height: 8.5 inches  7.87 inches
 Width:  6 inches  5.3 inches
 Depth:  1.2 inches  0.29 inches
 Weight:  1.5 pounds  0.73 pounds

Even though it may not be the smallest, most compact thing to carry around, the SoLove 20,000 mAh Slim Power Bank is ultra efficient when it comes to power distribution. It has dual USB charging ports that allow you to simultaneously charge your phone and tablet (or any combination thereof). It’s a smart charger which means that the power bank will recognize your device’s power needs and offers the best charge output for that device. This is great for many reasons. For starters, you don’t have to carefully choose which port to plug your phone into based off of its output. You just plug and charge. SoLove designed this battery carefully and packed a lot of great technological advancements inside. The Power Bank is equipped with 10 sophisticated preventative circuits to ensure your safety and the safety of your devices.

SoLove 20,000 mAh Slim Power Bank Review

The SoLove 20,000 mAh Slim Power Bank is a great addition to my charging arsenal. It has impeccable performance and has a great look to it. It comes packaged with a carrying sleeve and Micro USB charging cable. There is a great digital display that shows you how much power is left on it. As a test, both my fiancé and I charged our phones on it for about 30 minutes each and the battery level never quivered. When the display reads 100, the battery has a full charge. As it decreases, so does the display number. It’s a nice little touch that I appreciated.

SoLove 20,000 mAh Slim Power Bank Review

The SoLove 20,000 mAh Slim Power Bank is a wonderful option for anyone looking for more power.

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