The Vector Slim Case protects my iPad Air 2 while looking stylish

Ever since the iPad was released as a device, I’ve had the standard 9.7-inch model at my disposal. I’m currently still rocking the iPad Air 2 because the newest iPad release just didn’t seem like a big enough jump for me to invest in a new tablet. I might upgrade when they release the next generation iPad Pro, but for now, the iPad Air 2 is still a very reliable, very speedy tablet that gets the job done for me. With that said I still find myself looking for cases from time to time that will give me a better user experience. Most of the time the case choices fall flat for me, but when I happened upon the Vector Slim Case from Solo, I knew I found a diamond in the rough.

Solo Vector Slim Case for iPad Air 2 REVIEW

The Vector Slim Case for the iPad Air is a stylish case with a textured surface that provides a solid grip and protection for the front and back. The iPad itself is housed inside a tray that secures it in place. On the inside of the tray are four pads that are meant to protect the backing of the iPad.

The case features a magnetic sleep/wake cover and even has a small magnetic flap that keeps the cover closed when it’s in your bag or just being carried around. The body of the case is made from vinyl and is water resistant. That said, your iPad is not 100% protected from the elements since the top and bottom are open to the air. The inside of the cover is lined with a kind of rubberized vinyl that acts as a non-slip surface for the iPad to rest on. This ensures that you get many, many viewing angles when you have it sitting on a table or other flat surface.

Solo Vector Slim Case for iPad Air 2 REVIEW

Installation of the iPad is pretty standard for what you find with a case like this. You start with one corner — I recommend the one with the volume buttons and then slide the case around the other corners of the iPad. It snaps into place pretty easily. There are no complicated tricks for getting it back out of the case when you need to.

One thing that I’ve found out in testing iPad cases is that you will find some that fit perfectly like the Solo Vector Slim Case and then there are some that seem to have a good fit but are slightly off when it comes to ports and buttons. The Solo Vector gets a big thumbs up on the fit and port cutouts. The cutouts for the buttons and ports are perfectly trimmed for the iPad Air 2. I’ve not had any problem with accessing them or using them.

Solo Vector Slim Case for iPad Air 2 REVIEW

All in all the Vector Slim Case for iPad Air 2 is going to be my daily case for a while as it fits all my current needs.

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