Sag Harbor briefcase brings a fresh new look to a classic design.

I spend a lot of my time traveling between places and I always have reason to carry a laptop bag with me. I either have my laptop, charger, and various batteries for working on location, or I have my iPad Pro, full-size planner, and my makeup with me. Either way, I have a reason to have a nice, fashionable briefcase for working purposes. Many of the bags I’ve tried in the past just don’t end up measuring up because they are laptop bags that I try to turn into a briefcase and not a real briefcase. My views on the best bags to use for the job quickly changed when I met the Sag Harbor Briefcase from Solo.


Inspired by New York’s seaside retreat, Sag Harbor, the briefcase has a fresh look with very careful tailoring and rich textures throughout the bag. It provides ample storage for all your daily needs and is perfect for when you have extended needs for travel as well. The bag has a fully padded laptop compartment that will house computers up to 15.6 inches. Just on the outside of the laptop compartment is a tablet pocket. Both sections are secured with a Velcro strap. I will tell you that it has come in handy more than once when I’ve upended the bag by accident. My laptop and iPad Air 2 have stayed safely in place.


The Sag Harbor briefcase is much more than just a laptop carry-all. It has lots of pockets and sleeves for organization.

  • Front zippered organizer — This is ideal for items that need to be reached quickly. There is a key clip included here as well as slots for phones, batteries, or hard drives. You can also store pens here easily. This pocket has enough space to store some paperwork as well.
  • Side pockets — These aren’t very large, but you can easily store a water bottle or umbrella here.
  • Front zippered pockets — These might just be my favorite feature on this briefcase. These pockets are perfect for items like headphones, glasses, or small notebooks. You can easily store items and know that they are secured with a zippered closure. It’s a great expansion on this bag for additional storage.
  • Back zipper pocket — This is just a big pocket. I personally use it to store my cables in because it’s just a big open space. Just on the outside of this pocket is a panel that is designed to slide over a luggage handle. It’s reinforced fabric and very strong.
  • Interior organization — Aside from the laptop compartment and tablet slot, there is also an open space and secondary pocket in the interior section of the briefcase. This secondary pocket is large enough to house a 12-inch iPad Pro. In fact, that’s what I usually store there.


Some of the other features that I love about the Sag Harbor briefcase have to do with the style of it. The bag comes in two color variations — black or blue. I have the blue version, which is a very classy navy/cadet blue color. It has tan leather accents over the handles, zipper pulls, and front pockets. All the hardware on the bag is gunmetal in color and there is a removable adjustable shoulder strap. The inside of the back is lined with tartan blue and tan cloth, which, in my opinion, just adds to the class of this remarkable bag.


In case you haven’t been able to tell, I am a very big fan of the Sag Harbor briefcase. It came into my life when I was starting a new job and so maybe my affection for the product is based on that need, but I think I fell for this bag because it’s ideal for my situation. It may not work for everyone, but when you carry a laptop and accessories to and from work every day, you want something reliable, comfortable to carry, and something large enough to fit all of your items. For me, the Sag Harbor briefcase is that bag.

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