The Solo Pro Aegis Backpack is a solid laptop backpack.

Laptop backpacks are kind of hit and miss sometimes. I’ve had plenty that almost hit the mark, but then let me down. This bag is something I can see my college-self lugging around campus full of books, snacks, and my monster 17-inch Macbook Pro. It’s a standard backpack with tons of room and tons of pockets, including a large main compartment, separate padded laptop area, interior pocket for a tablet or e-reader (it’s even labeled), an interior RFID data protection pocket, two expanding side pockets for water bottles or umbrellas, and two front compartments. It’s a good size and totally big enough for those days when you have to carry your entire life (plus a light jacket) around with you.

The Solo Pro Aegis backpack is built to protect not only your belongings but also your information. It features RFID-blocking technology to safeguard your credit cards, passport, and other personal data. The exterior is made primarily out of polyester and has a polyester lining. The larger front pouch is not ideal because it is rather deep and its zipper doesn’t open far enough for convenient access. It isn’t a huge problem, but I can see it being annoying if you use the bag a lot.

Solo Pro Aegis Backpack REVIEW

The straps are fine. Both they and the back of the bag are padded for comfort, but both feel like they could have more. They still feel rather thin, especially compared the ridiculously pillowy top handle. I’m not sure why it’s the softest thing ever, but it is. So any of the other padding on the bag is just meh by comparison. The bag, even when full of stuff (I put my Macbook and two reams of computer paper, among other things, in it as a test, just because they were nearby), carries well and the weight seems fairly evenly distributed, but why is the handle just so much better than the straps?

Solo Pro Aegis Backpack REVIEW

Anyway, this backpack looks nice. It isn’t spectacular, but it is nondescript and utilitarian. It’s two shades of black from two contrasting fabrics and has silver and red accents. The zippers on this bag are cool. When closed, they’re all black on the outside but unzip to show that the threads are red. It’s a nice pop. There is one confusing design element, however. At the bottom of the kind of annoying front pouch, there are two red straps at the bottom. Why are they there? They don’t seem to have any function besides adding red to the bag when it’s all closed up (they’re the only color on the bag other than the small logos on the back and sides). It’s nitpicky of me, but these really bother me. There are already so many elements going on, why add something useless? Put the red on the zipper pulls or the logo or a functional strap. They are not ugly or in the way, just a bit confusing.

Solo Pro Aegis Backpack REVIEW

Overall, the Solo Pro Aegis Backpack is a good bag. I carried it around with way too much stuff in it, and it held up admirably and was fairly comfortable.

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