A street-smart backpack that provides enough space for all your daily needs.

I carry a lot of gear with me on a daily basis. Because of that, I need a strong, large capacity bag that doesn’t feel bulky. I typically default to messenger-style bags but have found some backpacks to also be a good choice for all the things I carry with me. One of my favorite new backpacks is the League Backpack from Solo.  


The League Backpack from Solo is a laptop backpack that can hold computers up to 15.6”. There is a laptop compartment that is specially padded to protect laptops and an internal iPad/tablet pocket, too. The front zippered pocket is the perfect size for accessories while the main storage pocket provides enough space for larger productivity items like notebooks. The straps on the backpack are padded for comfort and the zipper pulls are designed as ‘sport’ zipper pulls for more durability. The backpack is made from a smooth nylon fabric and it is ultra-lightweight. The bag measures 18” x 12.5” x 6” and only weighs 1.2 lbs (when empty). 

Solo League Laptop Backpack REVIEW


When I first started using the League Backpack, I was using the Solo Duane Hybrid Briefcase and I wasn’t sure if all of the things I was carrying in that bag would transfer over ok to the backpack. This is actually always a concern of mine. For some reason, I always seem to carry way too much stuff. I like to be prepared and for me, my daily carry-all really is a ‘go bag’. There have been a couple of instances recently where I had to evacuate a building or work area due to an emergency situation and even though we are supposed to simply leave our things behind, I can’t bring myself to do so. Therefore, my bag is my life. I’m happy to say that the League Backpack passed this test in more than one way. 

Solo League Laptop Backpack REVIEW

First, I was able to fit my 13-inch MacBook Pro (2016) in its TomToc sleeveinside the laptop compartment. Even though the laptop compartment is padded, it’s what I would consider as consumer-grade padding. The bottom of the compartment should have a lot more padding than it does because if you drop a laptop into the bag without thinking, it could get damage if it’s sitting on a hard surface. The compartment itself is a really nice size. Like I said, I was able to fit the laptop inside its sleeve in the pocket with no issues. It isn’t a tight fit at all and the zippers open quickly and easily with no catching. 

Solo League Laptop Backpack REVIEW

Next, I opened up the storage compartment where the tablet pocket is located. The tablet pocket is not really padded at all, but it is located on the inside of the compartment so the minimal padding used in the laptop compartment help to protect one side of the tablet. The rest of the storage compartment is dedicated to hold larger items like notebooks, text books, and folders. I am currently working a master’s degree and I’ve had no problems trekking around with my 3-subject spiral notebook, a binder with folders and paperwork stored inside, and a book or two. It does get a little full, but no matter what you stuff inside this compartment, it doesn’t seem to effect the items in the laptop compartment or the front zippered pocket. 

Solo League Laptop Backpack REVIEW

Finally, we come to the aforementioned zippered pocket. I was able to cram a  notebook, half a dozen writing utensils, an HDMI cable, and an external hard drive. In addition to this handful of items, I usually also carry several device cables (Micro USB, USB-C, Lightning, etc.) and some additional personal items. I was not able to stuff those things into this bag after the previously described manifest was packed away. Does this mean I wouldn’t recommend this bag? Absolutely not! I think it’s an amazing backpack for average use. It’s got a great design to it and it’s built really well.

Solo League Laptop Backpack REVIEW


I feel that the League Backpack is a great option for any type of user, but especially those who are commuting through a campus or busy school hallways. I love the design of this backpack because it reminds me of the ones I used to have when I was in high school. The League Backpack has a classic look with a new technology feel to it. It’s a great price and it holds a lot of stuff. 

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