This messenger bag is great for travel and daily use.

I’m a firm believer that I will never have enough bags.  With all the things I keep on myself while commuting, it’s important to have a nice solid bag with plenty of room to hold it all.  The SOLO Bryce Slim Brief laptop messenger bag is the perfect size for holding a 15.6-inch laptop and leaves plenty of room for more tech gear.

SOLO Bryce Slim Brief 15.6 Laptop Messenger Bag REVIEW

My first impression of this bag is that the plaid canvas print looks very nice.  The Bryce Slim Brief style has a zippered top which is a nice transition from the flapped messenger bags that I have plenty of.  The bag itself is nice quality and the materials, two handles, strap, and zippers seem like they will hold up for long-term use.  At first, I saw a small smudge on the back of the bag and tried to wipe it off.  After it didn’t come off I looked further into what the canvas was made of.  The canvas is coated with a wax that is meant to get smudges on it from normal day to day use.  Over time the effect that it will have is a distressed type worn-in look.  Now the one small smudge seemed a little out of place but with the time that I’ve used it looks more blended and made me on board with the design.  I think the worn look will give the bag a little edge and also takes away the stress of trying to prevent the bag from damage.

SOLO Bryce Slim Brief 15.6 Laptop Messenger Bag REVIEW

There’s a lot of room even though the bag appears to be really slim.  The inside I’m able to fit my MacBook Pro along with my nursing clipboard for work and several folders.  There’s also an inside pocket that can hold an iPad of any size.  The front zippered area offers, even more, room for tablets but I’m using it for external batteries, my portable blue tooth speaker, and random smaller items.  A great benefit of this bag is that if you are traveling with luggage there is a strap on the back that you can slide it over luggage handles.  The only downfall of the bag is the messenger bag strap pad could be a little thicker it really doesn’t add much of a benefit and moves around a little when wearing the bag but at the end of the day, it doesn’t take away from my satisfaction with it.

SOLO Bryce Slim Brief 15.6 Laptop Messenger Bag REVIEW

Overall the bag is great for travel and daily use of laptops and tablets.  As long as you don’t have items like DSLR cameras that would be big and bulky and don’t have a slim profile that you need to carry then this bag would be perfect to use.  I’m excited to see how the bag looks over time of using it from roughing up the wax.

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