As a previous CES Innovation Award recipient, Solable returned to CES 2018 to unveil its new revolution in mineral water with LaVie

Solable, a leading provider of water and energy solutions, exhibited its second revolutionary product, LaVie, which transforms tap water into pure mineral water, at CES 2018.

“As a relatively new company, we are thrilled to be named an Innovation Award Honoree for the second year in a row,” stated Pascal Nuti, co-founder, Solable. “LaVie was inspired by nature and was created to help consumers enjoy pure mineral water in everyday life, without any filter or add-on products, doing away with the need for plastic bottles. This is an advancement in technology we are confident CES attendees will appreciate in incorporating into their everyday life.”

LaVie CESNoteworthy facts about plastic bottles include the following:

  • Every year, 100 billion bottles are not recycled and are dispersed in the environment
    • If this persists, in 2050, there could be more plastic bottles in the ocean than fish
  • A one-liter mineral water bottle “costs” 23 centiliters of petroleum
  • Durability of a plastic waste into nature is between 100 and 1,000 years

LaVie turns tap water into pure mineral water via a glass bottle, which is placed in a natural bamboo case for 20 minutes. Its patented technology removes chlorine, chloramine, pesticides, chemicals, odors and tastes, but leaves all minerals and trace elements untouched. This process works due to electromagnetic radiation contained in the invisible solar spectrum, the UV-A. For each treatment cycle, the bottle, as well as the liter of water it contains, are completely sterilized, meaning no bacteria or virus can survive. The quality is comparable to commercial natural mineral waters.

In addition to its exhibit at CES 2018, Solable will also be launching a Kickstarter campaign in January 2018.

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