Gets the job done with no frills.

What an intriguing app. That was my first thought when I first opened Society News, a news app for iOS. The description of the app in iTunes could use more information, but basically, this app will read you the top stories of the day so that you can continue working and still catch up on the news. This isn’t the first app I’ve seen like this, but this is definitely more simplified.

Society News iOS App Review 3For starters, there is only one screen, which is why there is only one screen shot in this review. That screen is a very simple interface that shows a list of six categories: Headlines, Sports, Entertainment, World, Technology, and Health. To activate any of the categories you just tap on the play icon under each and let the app do the rest of the work. Once you hit play the app will start reading the most pertinent news headlines of the day in a voice that is somewhere between Apple Speech Function and Siri’s voice.

The developer refers to the news as ‘micro bytes’ that is refreshed in the background as each story happens. The app is still in Beta form and the developer is hopeful that more content and categories will be added in the coming months.

While I truly love the simplicity of the app, I would love to see a little more depth to it. For example, a preference menu that allows you to select which news source you would like your news to come from, or and option to avoid certain topics. All in all, it’s a nice app and really nicely executed. The interface could use a little enhancement, but it’s very functional and does what it it intends to do.

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