Soarpop 15.6Inch Laptop Backpack is a strong argument that function IS fashion.

I never gave backpacks much thought after high school. My early employment involved very little technical equipment and even less need for textbooks. The largest amount of wearable storage I needed back then was a Game Boy Advance carrying case which I, somewhat regrettably, wore on my belt.  (Don’t judge me, Mario Kart and Pokemon battles were sudden and fierce.)

That all changed when I landed a job in tech support. A laptop, charger, and mobile hotspot needed more than a carrying case that was one step away from a Fanny Pack. I quickly found that once I had a need for a carrying case larger than a belt pouch, backpacks became interesting again. Once I tried out the Soarpop Backpack, backpacks became fantastic.

Soarpop 15.6Inch Laptop Backpack Review

This backpack is very well built. The outer layer is thick and water resistant (though not waterproof.) The arm straps and rear panels of the backpack are padded and comfortable. Storage options of all types are provided by this backpack and the adjustable straps allow for easy shifting of the pack between different people or different weights of stored equipment. The arm straps also have a loop for holding sunglasses and a small pouch for a bottle of hand sanitizer or sunscreen. There are three primary zipper pouches that can take care of most of the usual storage needs. The forward pocket has several pockets for writing instruments and other small gadgets such as a phone, calculator or portable battery. The middle pouch offers a lot of padding and has plenty of room for a large tablet and/or a laptop with a 15” screen.  This pouch also happens to have several other pockets for additional cables and room for a laptop charger. The rear pouch has a large pouch and a Velcro strap that indicates that this pouch should be used for the safest laptop storage. This backpack feels sturdy through every facet of its design.

Soarpop 15.6Inch Laptop Backpack Review

Beyond the usual storage options, the Soarpop backpack has several really clever tricks:

The forward pouch contains a small keychain that attaches to a plastic buckle. This keychain could be used for a quick detach for a locker key or USB flash drive and snapped right back into place when it is time to pack up and move on.

As previously mentioned, the middle pouch has a large amount of room and padding, but it also has a second zipper track.  When this second zipper is used, the backpack is allowed to expand and can comfortably hold quite a bit more.

The same idea is used for the small pouch on the right-hand rear panel. When it is unzipped, a small mesh bottle pouch can be stored here and then zipped back up to conceal the pouch when not in use.

Soarpop 15.6Inch Laptop Backpack Review

During my testing, I wore this for about two weeks of indoor and outdoor use. I used it for work and play and changed out many different pieces of equipment. The backpack really performed admirably with anything that I needed. Although unplanned, I even got caught by a heavy rainfall (with no umbrella, of course) for several minutes and was pleased that my belongings were safe inside the Soarpop backpack.

Soarpop 15.6Inch Laptop Backpack Review

In closing, though I have a very nice laptop bag for my work equipment, I am seriously considering using this backpack on a permanent basis. Nearly anyone would have a use for a backpack like this one. Feel free to take this backpack on campus, on a hiking trail, or to the office without a worry. Find a reason to use it and this backpack will not let you down. Instead of simply recommending this backpack for a purchase, I will say instead “buy this immediately.”

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