Snaptee makes it possible for users to create custom t-shirts.

I remember growing up with the ‘No Fear’ t-shirts covering my classmates. It was a status symbol for some, but for others it was a way of expressing their beliefs and attitudes. For me, my No Fear shirt was a statement when I rode a roller coaster for the first time that I wasn’t going to let a fear stand in my way. Our clothes can say a lot about our personalities and they can be as unique as we are. Now, thanks to Snaptee Limited, we can create custom t-shirts right from our iPhones.

snaptee-1Snaptee for iPhone allows users to pull photos or take new ones from your iPhone and transfer them to a t-shirt. The design space in the app allows you to manipulate the photograph through a number of filters, resizing and colorization techniques. It gives you the choice of using a photograph and integrating it with a pre-loaded shape or making a shirt with text only. Snaptee connects users with their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles for sharing purposes and also allows users to share designs with each other.

One of the unique features about this process is the ability to share your design with the world – and put it up for sale. Snaptee allows users to put their designs up for sale for a 10% commission on any sales made on the shirt.

IMG_0126While testing the app, I walked through the entire process of designing a shirt, sharing it and even placing an order. I did not finalize the order though because of the cost. The production cost for any shirt is $19.99. Then there is also a $5.00 shipping charge. In my line of work, I end up order promotional materials like t-shirts. When ordering shirts in mass quantities, you can end up paying as little as $5.00 per shirt. But, the cost increases with the fewer shirts you have made. Sometimes you don’t need large quantities of shirts though and that’s where companies like Snaptee receive their business. Even though I have experience in ordering shirts, the cost of ordering one customized shirt was a shock to me.

Snaptee for iOS is a solid app. It’s well-designed and very easy to use. I recommend this app for anyone who wants to create customized shirts for themselves.