Turn a great product into something special with a great background

One of my primary subjects as a photographer is products. I spend a lot of time with tabletop set-ups and sometimes shooting the same photo over and over in a white cyc background gets boring. Sometimes you really need to display a product with some life behind it to make it pop. Since my photography area is relatively small, having a wall full of backdrops isn’t very practical. I’ve used different colored paper from craft stores and even pieces of tile from hardware stores before to give photos texture and that just isn’t good enough sometimes. This precise reason is why I love having SnapIt Boards available.


SnapIt Boards are considered Flat Lay Backdrops. They are durable and waterproof, which makes them a great investment. The boards are satin-finished so they can easily be cleaned up when used repeatedly. Each flat lay backdrop is printed in “ultra-realistic 300dpi” and is made with non-reflective, no glare material. The boards are perfect for food photography, brands photography, jewelry, makeup, and product photography. The boards are made with 5mm thick PVC foam and measure 26″ x 20″. Each board weighs approximately 1.6lbs. In addition to the flat lay backdrops, SnapIt Boards also feature the SnapIt Bracket. This small plastic piece makes it possible for you to connect two boards together to provide a surface as well as a backdrop for photos. There are six different designs of SnapIt Boards: Alabaster, Chuck Wagon, Indigo Sky, Midnight, Rustic Rainbow, and Rustic White. You can order them separately or as combo packs.

Image depicting the thickness of one SnapIt Backdrop
SnapIt Brackets


Unboxing was very simple. I ended up ordering one of each board design and they arrived in a flat cardboard box with the boards encased in foam to keep from getting damaged. The SnapIt Brackets were included. The unboxing process was a really painless experience. Normally I dispose of all shipping packaging once I start using a product, but I kept the foam around to store the backgrounds in when they are not in use. I thought it would be an easy way to keep them protected and prolong their usage.


I have been working with these now for a few months and I can say they are wonderful. The trick is to choose the right background to complement your primary subject. For example, the photo below shows a wireless charging mousepad that is a solid color. Because it’s a solid, dark color, I chose to use the Rustic Rainbow background so make it pop as a photo.

And in this next photo, I really wanted the photo to feel warm so I used the rich brown tones from the Chuck Wagon backdrop to accentuate the black elements within the charging cable and power adapter featured in the foreground. As an added bonus, since the surface of the board is somewhat glossy in nature, you get a nice reflective surface that adds a little more sparkle to the photo, too.

I chose to get the complete collection since I take lots of product photos and I always want to have some variety to choose from. I will say that since it’s a flat board, you want to be cognizant of the angle of your shot and what is in the background. This is one reason that it’s a great idea to get more than one SnapIt Board — that way you always have a background instead of a messy room or misplaced dog toy that happens to be strewn across your living room floor. Based on the photos I’ve captured using the SnapIt Boards I have actually had companies reach out and ask me how many tables I own since the wood boards look like real wood in photographs.

Satechi USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock for Apple Watch REVIEW
SnapIt Board: Midnight

With a nice collection of colors and backdrop images, I’ve found the SnapIt Boards to be super useful for my photography efforts. The material is durable and easy to clean but they are not indestructible so use them don’t abuse them and find a safe place to store them.


For lots of pro-photographers they most likely already have a system they use daily and are too stubborn to try something new. To that type of photographer, I have this message: you’re missing out. The SnapIt Board system makes for a great tool for both the pros and beginners. It allows you to quickly set a background up without ripping apart your studio and it makes traveling to an onsite location for small product photos a breeze. I love these little backdrops and the small amount of space that they take up. My biggest complaint is how much wear and tear the SnapIt Brackets cause on the corners. I have found over time, the boards do show wear and tear. If you are really careful you might be able to avoid this but as someone who takes care of his gear, I wasn’t able to avoid it. This doesn’t mean they are not a great investment because they really are and I can see any photographer getting some great use out of them.

For more details, visit SnapIt Boards, Facebook, and Twitter.