The flexible Snakable cable provides a solution to a problem that we all suffer from, a flawed cable connectors design.

To quote one of my children’s favorite movies I have gadgets and gizmos and plenty I have whosits and whatsits galore, you want thing-a-bobs, I got 20, but who cares it’s no big deal, I want more…” I tend to enjoy all things tech and really appreciate accessories that enhance my gear.  Is it not funny that little has changed in charging cables, as our devices have become more powerful and more advanced. We tend to have the same problems, again and again, ad nauseum. Whether or not you opt for the expensive Apple cables or cheaper cables, they all seem to suffer from the same plight.  Repetitive bending leads to damage at the connection point, turtleneck of the cable jacket causes it to rip.  Once ripped the internal cables become exposed and sometimes have enough motion to break and the cable no longer works and is a danger.  The connecting point at the USB and lightning ends are the points of the excess tension and fail eventually.

Snakable MFi USB Cable REVIEW The Highlander of cables, the one to rule them all.

A solution to this long time, ubiquitous, problem is presented by Snakable, “The USB cable with armor.”  The device originated on Kickstarter in August of 2015 and had a 30 day run time.  With 1335 backers and involvement from 97 countries, nearly 2000 cables were ordered and an obvious demand was there. I have received the USB to Lightning Cable in cloud white to review.   The cable is compatible with all Apple devices that charge through lightning style plugs. Snakable is also available for non-Apple devices with a USB A to USB micro cable.  They also promise a USB A to USB type C cable sometime in 2016.

The cables currently come in a single 4-foot length (1.2m) and have 3 ball joints on each end.  The orientation of the ball joints allows for multiple angles up to a 90-degree bend.  The packaging is very trendy and eye catching.  The company intelligently chose to use a clear plastic, blister style display to showcase the product.  The remainder of the packaging is clean Apple-esque white packaging.  Overall I am very picky about my iDevice cables.  I was really excited to see the MFI logo emblazoned along the bottom right of the cover.  For those of you who do not know what MFI stands for, this is the Apple device certification that acknowledges cables safety/standard. To know if a device is MFI certified, simply look for the “Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad” Logo on the packaging.

Snakable MFi USB Cable REVIEW The Highlander of cables, the one to rule them all.

Inside of the packaging, you will receive the 4-foot cable and an instruction manual.  Snakable is one of the best cables I have tested.  Gripping each of the ball joints, you can bend, twist and rotate each piece.  According to their press materials, this is the first and only USB cable, in the world, to utilize this style of movable system, to take the strain off the connection point of your cable. The ball joint design allows for amazing customization, to fit into any position needed. The system really does take the tension off of the plastic jacket.  I gripped and pulled at each of the ball points and realized no separation.  The joints are secure, they are sturdy and have not loosened over the last 1 week.  This was very reassuring.  I have classically enjoyed the white color and the cloud white is classic Apple white.  I currently have the iPhone 7 plus in Jet black and would love to have a black cable.  Luckily the company can provide for a variety of gear needs.  If white is not your first choice, simply choose from their other colors: flame orange, eclipse black, leaf green and meteor red.

Snakable MFi USB Cable REVIEW The Highlander of cables, the one to rule them all.

With a 3 year warranty, I foresee myself owning many of these cables.  It is important to note that these cables are not waterproof and are for indoor use only.  Contact with liquids should be avoided.  Although I did receive this device for free from the company, I have decided to purchase another cable in black.  I have moved my weaker older cables to my camping gear and will use this new cable for my charging/syncing needs.  I wish I could have been the guy to think of a solution like this.  Alas, I am thankful someone did.  I rate the cable at 5/5, as it is one of the best I have used.

Snakable MFi USB Cable REVIEW The Highlander of cables, the one to rule them all.

The cable has multiple positives beyond the connection point improvement.  The lightning adaptor is rounded and not boxy, allowing for use in nearly every case.  If you have a Catalyst case or a Lifeproof case, you know what I am talking about.  The lightning adaptor really makes a difference to you, when many cables will not fit into your phone case.  The four-foot length is a reasonable option. A cable strap/management system would be nice but is not ultimately necessary. Definitely, consider this cable for your charging needs.

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