Smash Hit iOS

4.85 Smash Hit iOS


  • Amazing graphic design
  • Fun to play
  • Challenging


  • Purchase required for extra features
Ease of Use

A game designed for users to creatively destroy their surroundings.

I’m not the biggest gamer in the world, but every once in a while I get curious and I pick up a new game. Today’s game happened to be Smash Hit from Mediocre AB. I chose it because, well, it was the App Store Game of the Day. The funny thing is that I don’t typically make a daily trip to the App Store, but for some reason, I felt called to do it today. When I saw the image on the home page of the App Store (with the spirals being broken) and the title with the description of “Smash through obstacles,” I thought it was worth a closer look.

Smash Hit iOS Game REVIEW

As it turns out, Smash Hit was first released in 2014 for iOS. The premise of the game is that the player moves straight through a passageway and is charged with breaking crystals and other glass object and barriers along the way. You are given a finite amount of metal balls that you fire at the objects in your path. You can collect more balls if you break the square pyramid crystals that appear throughout the game. Smash Hit falls into the category of games that are labeled ‘mindless’, but I think it’s a really great way to build your hand-eye coordination because the game constantly evolves as you move through it. In fact, according to the Wikipedia article on Smash Hit, average players will only score 4,000 – 8,000 points which means they only make it through 4-8 checkpoints. There are over 30 checkpoints in the game and very few people have made it that hi. My personal best is 3,269 and that was tough.

Smash Hit iOS Game REVIEW

The first thing I found was that the app was free with in-app purchases (my kind of app). So, I tapped on ‘Get’ and authorized the download with my thumbprint. To my surprise, I found that the game was played in horizontal mode rather than vertical. I love that the game works off of the physics of a metal ball smashing through different planes of glass and other breakable materials. The soundtrack consists of sound effects and music. The music track is rather ethereal in nature and very soothing. The sound effects are punchy and fit well with the game. At one point, I realized that music from Pandora was still streaming through my headphones while I was playing the game. So, I turned the music off and played the game while listening to Eminem. That made the game that much more enjoyable. You would be surprised at how relaxed you can get while listening to your favorite music and breaking things.

Smash Hit iOS Game REVIEW

Smash Hit is one of the more enjoyable games I’ve downloaded in a LONG time. It has a unique premise and the design of the game is awesome. It has some stunning graphics and the gameplay is just outstanding. I found out after starting to play the game and writing this review that Mediocre has actually released a version of the game for Samsung Gear VR. While I’m an iOS user, I could imagine that a VR version of this game would be even cooler than the original. The only downside to this game is that you have to pay for the pro version in order to unlock the ability to continue from checkpoints. This was a mild annoyance to me, but in the end, it just meant I got better at the earlier points in the game while I played to beat my best score.

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