Stylish silver headphones with clean sound

Headphones can not only be a tech accessory but a style accessory as well.  When it comes to choosing a pair of over the ear padded headphones that I will be wearing on the go, I gravitate towards the slim designs.  The SmartSpeed E6 wireless Bluetooth headphones have the stylish look that appeals to me.

SmartSpeed E6 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones REVIEW

On the box, I noticed that there are two color options that they offer (gold and silver).  Both look really nice and appealing and I have the silver pair.  immediately after unboxing I was impressed with the relatively lightweight slim design.  The body is made of a silver aluminum material and the ear padding and the headband is a black leather material.  On the left side, the earpiece is where the controls are located.  There is the on/off and Bluetooth connection button, volume controls, auxiliary port, and micro USB port.  The micro USB cable and auxiliary cable come included with the E6 headphones.

SmartSpeed E6 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones REVIEW
To pair the headphones with my Macbook Pro all I had to do was turn the headphones on and select them in Bluetooth settings.  The Bluetooth range is 30 feet and I didn’t have any issues being away from my computer and while still maintaining a good connection.  I like headphones that have a good battery life and the E6 headphones have a 20-hour play battery life.  I did completely charge these before use and have not run out of a charge.

SmartSpeed E6 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones REVIEWThese headphones have a nice clear tone to them.  The maximum volume is not overly loud which is great for protecting yourself from hearing damage.  However, if you already have issues hearing I wouldn’t recommend these.  I like the sound that these headphones have but if they could get louder and keep the same clear sound I would have been really wowed.  These also play without being connected to Bluetooth.  When the headphones are turned on you can connect the auxiliary port which is handy if you are using a device without Bluetooth.

Overall these are a decent set of headphones and also make for a good pair of starter Bluetooth headphones because of the easy connectivity.  The SmartSpeed E6 headphones impressed me on style but with the performance, I was hoping for a little more.