An affordable, easy to install screen protector – the perfect stocking stuffer

When the original iPhone was released in 2007 I jumped at the chance to own one. Unfortunately, I ended up dropping it not long after I got it. The drop ended up damaging the phone to the point where it was unusable. It was quite some time before I invested in another iPhone, but fortunately for me, when I did, cases and screen protectors were available. Ever since then, I’ve never gone without a screen protector on my phone. I am quite picky about which ones I use though. Some are fingerprint collectors and others are simply a film covering. Still other screen protectors are over-priced. Smartish, one of my favorite case companies, has a tempered glass screen protector called the Tuff Sheet that not only gets the protection job done, it is easy to install, and very affordable. 

The Tuff Sheet is a tempered glass screen protector designs by Smartish. It comes as a 2-pack and is available for the iPhone 7 and newer. The screen protector is scratch resistant, exceptionally thin, and comes with an easy applicator and cleaning kit for a smooth installation process. The Tuff Sheet is also case compatible, which means you can use it with or without a case on your phone. The screen protector only comes in one color – transparent. 


I know that some people avoid adding a screen protector to their phone because they despise the installation process. I understand that frustration all too well and thankfully, Smartish does, too. They included an alignment frame, which slips right over the phone and makes it nearly impossible to misalign the glass on the screen of the phone. Before you place the glass though, you will want to ensure your phone’s screen is as clean as possible by using the Phone Tidying Kit that Smartish provides. It includes alcohol pads, a lint sticker, and a microfiber cloth for drying the screen. 

The glass itself has a film on one side that protects the adhesive from dirt and other air particles. You’ll want to remove this before applying the glass to your phone, but first, you want to put that Alignment Frame around the phone – after it’s been cleaned of course. Once the phone screen is cleaned, the frame is in place, and the film is peeled away from the screen protector, you will simply slide the screen protector to the bottom of the frame and then let gravity do the rest. You’ll see from the picture below that the screen protector adheres to the screen of your phone automatically. After the screen protector is on the screen of your phone, you will want to press out any latent air pockets that are present with your finger or a credit card. 


Aside from the Tuff Sheet having an incredibly easy installation process, it’s also very functional. Since I’ve had the Tuff Sheet on my phone I’ve carried it in my pocket, taking it with me when I walk the dog, throw the phone into my purse, and I’ve even dropped it. The screen protector has done its job and protected the phone. I have a case on the phone and the Tuff Sheet works with it perfectly. While Smartish does not call this out as a feature, I’ve noticed that the screen protector doesn’t seem to be a fingerprint magnet. It doesn’t smudge easily and it’s really stayed very clean. 


I’m a big proponent of screen protectors. I think that everyone who uses their phone actively should use one. Smartish has made it very easy to install the Tuff Sheet and at a price of $9.99 for a 2-pack, it’s hard to pass up. If you know someone who needs a screen protector, grab a set of the Tuff Sheets and slip it into their stocking this year. They won’t be disappointed! 

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