Get a grip with Gripmunk.

As I transitioned to the iPhone 12 Pro last fall, there were a lot of new features I wanted to make sure I took advantage of. One of the most important to me was the addition of MagSafe charging. I remember when MagSafe charging really only applied to the connector between a charger and a MacBook Pro, but now it refers to magnetic, wireless charging for iPhones. I recently installed a MagSafe compatible phone mount in my car so I like to make sure I can use it whenever I’m driving around town. The only way to make sure that happens is if I have a MagSafe compatible case like the Gripmunk from Smartish. 


The Gripmunk is a lightweight MagSafe compatible case that is designed specifically for the iPhone 12 line of smartphones. The case is textured on the sides so that the user has a good grip on the phone. While the case is lightweight, it is still ultra durable. Originally called “Kung Fu Grip,” the Gripmunk is designed with corner air-pockets and is wireless charging compatible. The front has a bezel to help protect the phone’s screen. The case is offered for around $15 (at the time of publishing) and is available in several different colors including Black Tie Affair, Purple Reign, Blues on the Green, Nothin to Hide, Flavor of the Month, and Chefs Special. The case is available for the iPhone 12 mini, 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max.


Gripmunk comes in a simple box that has Smartish branding on it. When I took it out of the box and examined it, I was surprised at its sleek lines. While it seemed like fairly standard case at first, it really is unique because of its grippy sides. I have actually used the Kung Fu Grip case before and I’m glad that Smartish used the classic case to rebrand for a MagSafe compatible option. I’m a fan of Smartish as a brand and I always turn to them when I get a new iPhone because I value their high-quality products and am always impressed with their budget-friendly prices. 

Installing the case on the phone is pretty easy. I’ve found that the easiest route is to line the case up with the mute/volume button side of the phone and then work it around the corners to slip the phone into the case. This method is harder when the case is more rigid, but thankfully the Gripmunk is flexible so installation isn’t difficult. 

I actually love the feeling of this case. I was using a soft silicone case on my iPhone 12 Pro and while the case was MagSafe compatible, it collected lint really badly. That’s part of the reason I was really glad that the Gripmunk came into my life. It has a smooth finish to it so it’s really easy to slip into and out of pockets or bags. This really adds to the user experience for me and I’m sure it would for a lot of people. 


The Gripmunk is a great case for everyday use. It’s slim so it doesn’t add any bulk to the iPhone and it has a smooth finish so it’s easy to handle. The grip on the side makes it possible for users to be able to keep their hands on their phone while they use it and should an accident happen, the cushions built into the case will protect the phone. I can recommend this case for any type of user. 

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