Compatible, Convertible, Fast Charging Cable.

I know my parents and wife are not the only people to struggle to find the unique gift for their tech-loving family members.  Once I joined the workforce and started making my own money, I researched items, waited for the right time, and simply bought what I wanted/needed.  As birthdays and holidays approach, I typically provide subtle to direct clues about items I would like. This year, I was interested in portable power and expanding my charging needs.

The smartish Crown Joule arrived in a classy 4 inches wide by 5 1/2 inches tall clear/white zip-style bag.  As a father of four, I have grown to enjoy puns and dad jokes, especially when they require others to pause pensively. The smartish brand has successfully utilized creative and playful presentation methods with various products.  The Crown Joule name combined a play on the word “jewel,” while also utilizing the scientific unit for work; quite simply, this was creative gold.  Along the top of the cover panel, you will find the mint-green smartish name.  Along the bottom of the panel, you will find a dark blue “3-in-1 Universal Cable (Lightning, USB-C, Micro USB) 6Ft-No.2 Pencil Gray.”  The clear middle section of the packaging provided an excellent glimpse at the included cable and a white bar with the “Crown Joule” name and mint green accent icons.  The rear panel provided the smartish name along the top left and a small paragraph about the company/location.  The middle section provided a “phone cases acting poorly” YouTube link next to a silly mint-green personified smartphone and a laptop displaying “I will not expose my phone during YouTube videos.”  The lower section provided a sticker with the MFI logo (Made for iPhone, IPad, iPod) and SKU barcode.  

I removed the top of the bag, unsealed the ziplock feature, and removed the 2 1/4 inches diameter smartish sticker, 4-panel instruction manual, and the 1.76-ounce, 75-inches long, black-grey braided cable.  The USB-A attachment point had a 1/2 inches long neck collar region attached to the standard USB-A male prong.  The USB-Micro end had a similar 1/2 inches long neck collar attached to a standard USB-Micro prong.  Attached along the side of the USB-Micro body, you will find a narrower 7/16 inches long braided junction with dual 1/8-inches long neck segments.  You will find a 1 1/4 inches long USB-C to 180 degrees rotated USB-Micro female port, as well as a lighting prong with an inverted USB-Micro female port.  The stacked design allowed the USB-Micro cable to plug into each of the adapters without rotating the cable.  I loved the ability to carry a single cable to accommodate three applications, the braided design, and the neck segments.  

I gripped each of the neck collar junctions and flexed/extended the prongs forward to backward and then side to side.  Next, I gripped the end segments and pulled outward.  I was pleased to find a very resilient cable/prong combo.  I plugged a DROK USB-A Multimeter into a Kanex PD52U-2UT01 USB-C/USB-A charger (12W USB 5V/2.4A output), and then the USB-A prong into the multimeter.  I plugged the USB-Micro prong into my son’s Soul over-ear headphones, and the multimeter read 5.08V/0.34A.  Once the headphones were charged, I removed the USB-Micro prong and then plugged the Lightning adapter into the USB-Micro cable.  With the adapter attached, I plugged the lightning cable into my iPhone 13 Pro Max and found the multimeter read 4.94V/2.06A.  Starting at 7:50 pm with 19% power, my phone increased to 25 % by 7:58 pm, 33% by 8:10 pm, and 50 % by 8:30 pm.  For the final test, I plugged the USB-C adapter into the USB-Micro prong and then into my iPad Pro 11”.  Although USB-A to USB-C is not an ideal power output, the multimeter read 4.97V/1.42A and increased my iPad by 1% every 2-3 minutes. 

As we quickly approach Christmas morning, imagine finding a smartish product nestled in your stocking with care.  The Crown Joule may be the ultimate 3-in-1 combo cable for your everyday carry bag.  Combined with a laptop plus charger, the smartish Crown Joule should keep your phone, tablet, headphones, and other gear at the ready, thanks to the USB-Micro, USB-C, and Lightning prongs.  My only complaint is the limitation of the USB-A technology.  As a Crown Joule 2.0, I would love to have a USB-C to USB-C with adapters for USB-Micro and Lighting.  Lastly, If the black/Grey color pattern is not your style, you can get the pink “I’m Blushing” color, the “Lightly toasted beige” color, or the teal “Tell Me More” color.  

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