Enhance your experience with amazing vibrant lighting

What’s better then sitting down to your favorite TV show or movie and killing the lights? How about doing it in such a way that you don’t cause eye strain while also giving your home a bit of backlight ambiance? Enter SmartFX and its affordable solution to adding ease to use color USB lighting.

Over the years I’ve started decking my home out with all sorts of gadgets and within the past three years, I started adding Philips Hue to the mix to create that colorful, ambient mood I described above. I have just about switched every light in my home over to their LED smart phone connected bulbs. One thing I would have liked though is a cheaper solution to their strip lighting, but unfotunitly Hue strip lights are in the high end of the market and way more expense than its competitors. Don’t get me wrong I do own three sets of the strip lights and I love them, but my bank account is not loving me. With that said let me talk more about SmartFx. As they are entering this new market they have the ability to give many users something they have been wanting minus the smart phone capability with their colored LED lighting strips. This cuts down on the cost of the device, but still allows the consumers to have a unique way to enhance home entertainment centers, TV’s or monitors. Really anything with a USB port that the strip can pull power from.

SmartFx LED Quick Strip REVIEW

The strip is less than a foot long, but is very, very bright. You can change the brightness level through its on-strip controls. As I mentioned, this strip differs from the Hue Strip because of its inability to connect to a smartphone. That being said, the controls are quite simple. There are three buttons – mode/demo, speed/brightness/on/off, and color – and you can shift through 7 different color settings. Installation was a breeze. You simply find the location where you want to put it, and then peel the strip off the backing and stick it to a clean, flat surface. I opted to install the strip inside my entertainment center above my Xbox One to give the furniture and its surrounding area a wonderful glow.

SmartFx LED Quick Strip REVIEW

The reason I decided to put the spotlight on this company is because of how easy it is to use their product. I thought that like me people would like to know of other options available and with Hue and LIFX being the top dogs in this area others might like to know of the smaller company who brings something cool to the table. SmartFx also has bluetooth light bulbs, but I’ve not had an opportunity to use that so I can’t say one way or the other if it’s any good. I have used other Bluetooth bulbs and have not been satisfied with the connectivity via Bluetooth, but my experience with them is not the one they sell so if you want to check it out here is the link.

SmartFx LED Quick Strip REVIEW

I don’t foresee myself switching my Hue bulbs out for Bluetooth bulbs, but I do see myself adding a bunch of these lighting strips to places around my home where I would like to have more colored lighting. If you’re like me and want to give your home a bit of year round color – not just Christmas, but anytime – then the SmartFx light strip is going to be a great way to do so.

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