Autonomous makes smart office products that help people work smarter.

Several months ago, we reviewed the SmartDesk 2 by Autonomous, a company that designs products for smarter working environments. It was my first experience with a standing desk and its ease of use and assembly has made it a welcome addition to our workspace. A few weeks ago, Autonomous announced the release of its newest workstation, the SmartDesk 3.

SmartDesk 3 is a workstation that works for you, gets all your devices talking to each other, and brings you closer to your team for a truly intelligent working environment. It’s an AI-powered, height-adjustable standing desk that features an executive assistant that will combat burnout, improves your health and enhances your productivity. The SmartDesk 3 is the only standing desk on earth that measures your activity and tells you when to stand up and sit down. It has a dual-electric motor and built-in AI assistance. The assistant provides suggestions to help you juggle focus, hustle, health, and downtime to find your ideal rhythm and keep you on top of your game.

SmartDesk 3 by Autonomous Available for Order NEWS

SmartDesk 3 is designed to save you time and pain. Interacting with your desk teaches it your priorities, so that is able to anticipate your needs and suggest the most efficient way to get things done. By paying attention to how you work, move and live, it recommends shortcuts to help you enhance your productivity and improve your health. SmartDesk 3 creates quick fixes that work long term.

SmartDesk 3 is the AI-powered assistant that you need to optimize your work life. It syncs seamlessly with your other devices to streamline your workspace and declutter your mind. Integrated with Nest, Lifx, Uber, and more, it’s designed to solve your trivial needs and keep you focused on doing what you do best. Through over-the-air automatic updates via the Autonomous OS platform, you’ll get access to an increasing number of shortcuts as the SmartDesk 3 community of connected users, developers, devices, and software grows. With the SmartDesk 3, you access a dynamic platform full of potential and possibility and gain an assistant that is equipped to truly keep up with you.

The SmartDesk 3 by Autonomous will ship by November 5 according to their website and is available in three different design choices — Titan Black, Classic White, and Grayscale.

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