Take your smart home to the next level by protecting the contents of your cabinets, cupboards with an amazing Bluetooth SmartCube.

When you think about child proofing your home, do you cringe?  After 3 children (7yr, 5yr, 18months), this is not so overwhelming any more.  My wife and I have used just about every style of child proofing, that you can imagine.  From door locks (turn handle and lever style), corner/edge protectors, toilet locks, outlet covers, baby gates, drawer pull latches and a magnetic lock that works amazingly well for a Lazy Susan cabinet.   These lower tech devices have served our lives well, for the past 7 years.  Working to turn my uneducated home into a smart home, I was really excited to hear about the SmartCube, a “revolutionary Bluetooth locking system,” from Smart Armor. Based out of San Diego, my home county, Smart Armor is revolutionizing the portable/personal home security market.

Partnering with INDIEGOGO, Smart Armor brings to light the most advanced smart lock.  The Bluetooth device unlocks automatically when you approach it and locks when you walk away.  It will work with any smartphone, computer or tablet.  So long as you have the access code, you can get into the device, even if your phone has de-powered.  You can unlock the smart cube remotely from your phone, and also share/give access to certain people/devices.  You will be able to receive alerts, if anyone tries to tamper with the lock.  Protect your cabinets, drawers, closets.  This is touted as the first device that creates a “truly child proofed” home.

SmartCube: The world's first truly "Child-Proof" lock NEWS

The SmartCube device is reported to be incredibly easy to install, through hardware or through 3M tape.  The tape is reported to be able to withstand up to 100lb of force.  The truth, all child lock systems will be tested eventually.  Every child device in my home has been broken at least once and many of them replaced multiple times.  The main benefit that I can see for the SmartCube is the immediate knowledge of tampering.  I have plastic cabinet locks on my cabinets currently.  Unfortunately, I have no knowledge if my 18-month-old daughter rips it open.  No matter how good of a parent you are, they will test your defenses.  Using the SmartCube, we will know instantly if it is being targeted by that little invader.  Use this to protect your children from undersink/cabinet chemicals, a drawer can now be safe to hide your unmentionables, your bedside table can be used as a more secure place to store your wallet and possibly a firearm.  You can also more securely protect others from the contents of your medicine cabinet.

SmartCube: The world's first truly "Child-Proof" lock NEWS

One of my initial concerns involved the device’s battery life.  According to the FAQ page, the device should last 10 openings per day for 1 year.  Amazingly, the battery is rechargeable and the application will provide you with remaining battery life.  Measuring at 1.25 x 1.25 inches, the device should fit most home and small office applications.  This will be able to be “IoT” (Internet of Things) connected  to link to Nest, Kwikset, Phillips Hue and possibly Echo.  Although not directly mentioned in the press release, I would hope that there would be some IFTTT ability eventually.  Perhaps as you arrive home your smart home would know what cabinets to unlock, your lights would assume the appropriate fullness and your temperature would be set to perfect.  Adding that level of home customization would provide that next level of physical control and safety.

SmartCube: The world's first truly "Child-Proof" lock NEWS

Keep an eye out for the device on INDIEGOGO.  You will no longer need physical keys to access your protected cabinets, your phone is the key.  Rest safely knowing that the built in proximity detection is ready to sense when you approach and that it will be locked when you leave.

If you want to learn more about the device, visit go.smartarmorcube.com.
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