World’s most advanced heated jacket launches a Kickstarter campaign.

My Core Control (MCC) is launching SmartCoat today on Kickstarter, the most advanced heated jacket ever.

SmartCoat, the first of its kind, will connect users to their smart device, Apple or Android, for variable temperature control along with enhanced hands-free connectivity for the ultimate seamless experience.

SmartCoat features MCC’s utility patented Electronic Personal Thermal Control technology that actually regulates human core body temperature. Unlike all other traditional heated gear, SmartCoat produces a change in body temperature, measurable with an oral thermometer. Our patented heat drones target the pulse points on the wrist, which then gently warm the blood as it passes. This warmed blood is then circulated from the heart throughout your entire body and raises your core body temperature.

Aside from providing heat, SmartCoat connects to personal smart devices using the MyCore SmartCoat App. Once connected, users enjoy Bluetooth capabilities (voice activated), high-fidelity external sound and phone charging capabilities.

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