A simplistic stand for your Apple lightning compatible devices

A functioning charging stand for my iPhone 6 Plus is a necessity for my desk.  Mostly because I get bothered by using my wall outlet ones and they magically disappear all over the house and I don’t like searching for chargers.  Not only that but when I’m doing work at my desk I have a stand that can hold my phone while charging that displays the phone so I can view my screen while working.  It’s also great when you get one that matches other device stands that you already have and just enhances the organization of your desk.

Smart Lightning Charge Base REVIEW

The Smart Lightning Charge Base comes in a nicely designed by that gives you a glimpse of what’s inside.  On the back, it lists the features for this and different color choices.  I have the rose gold colored charge base.  The design is very minimal which I’m a fan of when it comes to my stands.  I don’t like bulky things taking up too much room on my desk so this fits my standards.  The body is made of aluminum material and it has the lighting port on top of a little LED light.  All I had to do for set up was to plug it in and it’s good to go.

Smart Lightning Charge Base REVIEW

With the stand sitting down you can see that there’s a 15-degree angle to put you phone on.  That gives the screen a better viewing perspective than looking straight at it.  So I made sure to insert the phone in the angle to avoid being rough on the inside of the phone.  I pushed it into the lightning port and immediately the red light comes on the port.  Got a fast full charge out of it and then it turned white.  This base comes with automatic break power to prevent over charging your phone.  So this is actually better to use than a regular cable.

COTEetCl Smart Lightning Charge Base REVIEW

I don’t have anything negative to say about this and will be using this on my desk.  This would be great for anyone who has and iPhone lighting comparable phone because it can hold all.  I did even charge my iPad Mini Air 2 on it and had no issues with that either.  It’s finally the charger that I’m not going to lose.