Earbuds impressed from the start.

Smart i9 Bluetooth Headphones Review 2I’m not much for earbud style headphones, but I was really taken by surprise by the Smart i9 Bluetooth headphones by SmartOmni. I just typically prefer the comfort provided by my on the ear headphones and it doesn’t ever seem like earbuds fit my ears just right. The Smart i9 Bluetooth were a wonderful surprise and definitely became the exception to that rule.

Out of the box, the headphones are a little odd looking. They are a ‘sport’ style and designed to be used for physical activities. The tops of the earphones are magnetic and are designed so that you can stick the two earbuds together when they aren’t being used for audio listening, they can be worn around your neck. This, in my opinion, is a very slick option for a headphone design.

Smart i9 Bluetooth Headphones Review 3Secondly, the sound quality really can’t be beat. I was impressed with how deep the sound goes. Most earbuds I test out end up sounding hollow or one style of music sounds good, but then another doesn’t. The Smart i9’s didn’t disappoint with any style of music. I typically use Pandora as my main method of listening to music and one of the stations I have set up plays both orchestral and full band/vocal arrangements. It’s a big variation in highs and lows and a good test for headphones. The Smart i9’s passed with every changing track.

I did not experience any dropout or connectivity issues while testing out the headphones. They connected to my iPhone within seconds of being entered into pairing mode. I did notice a bit of break-up when I walked through my house away from my phone, but I didn’t lose connection completely.

Finally, I would rate these headphones having an above average comfort level. In testing these out, used them for 2 straight hours (or more) and found that I did not experience any earaches or other issues. I never felt like they were Smart i9 Bluetooth Headphones Review 4completely ‘a part’ of me and I could always feel that I was wearing them, but they didn’t cause discomfort. Also, because these are sports style headphones, I’d like to comment on their ‘fit’ and how well they stayed in my ears. While I didn’t participate in any vigorous activities while testing, the earbuds never moved from where I initially placed them. There have been many sports earbuds that I’ve tested that drop out of my ear with the simpilest nudge and that wasn’t the case with the Smart i9’s.

These are a great option for anyone looking for a set of Bluetooth headphones that can be used for many activities. They are affordable and have a unique style.

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