New systems join smanos’ award-winning line of DIY smart home security products

smanos, a wireless smart home and DIY security solutions provider, today announces the availability of two new home security systems, the S105 and X330. Both include features that ensure the systems stay armed in the event that Wi-Fi or power is not available.

“We are excited to add the S105 and X330 to our existing line of DIY home security solutions to further ensure homes are protected 24/7, 365 days a year,” said Brian Stark, general manager of North America at smanos. “Homeowners need to have alternate options for security when internet connectivity isn’t available or reliable and/or when power fails altogether.”

The S105 is an on-site alarm system that can locally monitor up to 30 assorted sensors, such as door/window sensors, and only requires an electrical outlet for installation. The S105 comes with a smart hub featuring a built-in strobe light, one door/window sensor, a new Pet Friendly Motion Detector and two remote controls that can arm and disarm the system or sound an alarm. In the event of a power outage, the S105 also has a back-up battery that will continue to monitor the home for up to eight hours. Additionally, it does not rely on Wi-Fi or a cellular connection to function, meaning that those who are in remote locations or areas with spotty service can keep their system armed at all times. The S105 is available at an MSRP price of $99.99.

The X330 is a full DIY security system that comes with a pet-friendly motion detector, door and window sensor, two remote controls and the X330 Hub. The system communicates and is controlled through 3G WCDMA SIM card, instead of Wi-Fi, for connectivity. When an intruder is detected, the alarm siren sounds and the homeowner receives an SMS text message and phone call notification. Additionally, homeowners can set up the system to allow them to enter and exit freely, without triggering an alarm, but still keeping every other sensor armed for maximum security. The X330 is available at an MSRP of $249.99.

Both of these systems join smanos’ award-winning lineup of DIY smart home security products, which boast streamlined designs and easy-to-use functionality. Homeowners are able to easily install and monitor their homes through smanos’ DIY systems, making them the ideal solution for renters and homeowners alike. smanos’ products are also free of any contracts or monthly fees with the exception of any cellular carrier fees that would be required to utilize the optional ability to send text notifications.

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