Securely affix your smartphone/tablet to the seamless anodized aluminum Slope stand from Wiplabs.

According to, there are 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world, 204 billion apps were downloaded in 2019 alone, and 67% of internet users worldwide access the web via a smartphone. A Pew Research Center article, published 6/12/2019, suggested that 81% of Americans owned a smartphone, which showed marked increases from the previous value of 35% back in 2011. As our smartphones and tablets gain more functionality, I suspect more people will become dependent upon them for their daily needs. Beyond the ability to make and receive simple calls, we can video conference, take pictures with the camera, navigate with maps/GPS, draw, write, put together presentations, edit photos, enjoy a good book, listen to music, surf the web, communicate via instant messaging, buy items and have them delivered to our homes, pay our bills, enjoy a variety of mobile games, control tech within our homes/vehicles, and watch movies. This list is not all-inclusive and shows just how versatile our devices have become. Honestly, why do I need to purchase an accessory TV for my bedroom, when I can enjoy all of my streaming options on my iPhone or iPad? When on-the-go, I can enjoy the above features in handheld mode. When lying in bed or sitting at my desk, a hands-free option would be quite convenient. The Slope Universal Tablet and Smartphone Stand from Wiplabs may be the perfect iPad companion. Perhaps, it is that device that you did not know you were missing.

The Slope by Wiplabs arrived in a V-shaped white-colored plastic bag.  The cover displayed a 3 inches tall by 2 1/2 inches wide image of a smartphone upon a stand.  The grey/black font on white background color felt a little on the bland side, but the information was well presented.  The Slope product name was provided along the top left and “Universal tabletop stand that displays your tablet or smartphone anywhere” was displayed along the top right.  Surrounding the centered image, you will find four product labels: 1. Grips Like Magic (nanofoam backing holds phones/tablets securely). 2. Durable and Washable (wash/re-wash as needed). 3. Elegant Design (Sleek and Minimalist). 4. Strong & Sturdy (Anodized Aluminum body).  The labeled diagram was well presented and I appreciated that the information was not given to excess.  Along the bottom of the panel, you will find “Universal Tablet & Smartphone Stand: The beautifully simple, surprisingly strong and secure tablet stand.”  The bottom of the packaging provided a large SKU barcode and that the product was designed in Belgium but Made in China.  The back panel listed the Wiplabs company name along the top right and the Slope: Universal Tablet and Smartphone Stand product name along the top left. Beneath the title, you will find four icons: 1. Compatibility (All Tablets and Smartphones with flat non-porous surfaces) 2. Nanotechnology (Foam pads with thousands of microscopic suction cups). 3. Anodized Aluminum (Beautiful, clean finish to match most interiors). 4. Washable & Reusable (Use water and the cloth provided to renew the strength of the suction).  Lastly, the company provided a small paragraph asking for comments, and an appreciation from the Wiplabs team. 

To access the product, I thought that I would simply need to open the ziplock section along the base and to remove the device from the squishy outer bag.  However, whenI opened the ziplock bag, I found a small ziplock bag containing a blue-colored 7-inches square microfiber towel and a four-panel Wiplabs Quick Start Guide.  I removed those, set them aside, and then returned to the main shell.  The outer material, which felt similar to a mailer envelope, had a difficult-to-manage acute-angled bend.  With some effort, I was able to grip the base of the stand with my right and to slowly pull away the outer packaging.  Alternatively, I could have cut along the vacuum-sealed edge to access the product much more quickly/easily. The stunning, sleek Wiplabs Slope was more attractive than the packaging suggested.  I loved the unibody anodized aluminum coloration and the overall shape. The odd-shaped device was a little difficult to measure.  There was a trapezoidal metallic backing with overlying black nanofoam coating along the top.  The outer metallic section measured 3 3/8 inches wide at the top and 5 5/8 inches tall.  The lower section of metal had a rounded 4 inches long base that then tapered into a 3 inches wide neck section, which attached to the lower foot of the stand.  The black nanofoam, alike the metallic backing, had a rounded-trapezoidal shape as well: 3 inches wide at the top, 3 5/8 inches wide along the base, 5 3/8 inches tall.  The foot of the stand measured 3 3/4 inches long by 4 1/8 inches wide back by 3 3/8 inches wide at the neck. Similar to the backing material above, the foot also had a black nanofoam trapezoidal-shaped material:  3 3/8 inches wide at the neck by 3 7/8 inches at the widest point by 3 1/8 inches tall.  


Both the footpad and the phone/tablet backing followed the contours of the base aluminum stand. I loved the contoured edges and the look of the black nanofoam material against the silver anodized aluminum coating.  To utilize the stand, peel the protective plastic cover away from the nanofoam layer.  However, do not throw these away as they can be reinstalled later for storage.  Press the nanofoam material of the backing into your table/desk and then press your phone or tablet into the upper foam layer.  The quick start manual noted that “the grip strength of the pads are ridiculous at first,” and noted that it would take a few days to “normalize” the experience.  Furthermore, the instructions recommend against sticking to the glass, to leaving your device on overnight, at least at first, and to avoid sticking to a painted surface as it could cause damage to the surface.  Since the device was designed solely for indoor use, they recommended against using it outdoors, in direct sunlight, or within a vehicle.  Similar to the sticky hands that we used as kids, the surface of the nanofoam can be refreshed with warm water. 

I was quite pleased with the quality of the stand and with the ability to hold a full-sized iPad in either a vertical or horizontal position.  The angled design allowed the iPad to remain affixed and upright even when the sticky foot padding was not employed.  When it was utilized, the stand felt as if it were drilled into my counter.  The only negative that I found was that it took a few attempts to position the iPad into a level position.  However, the nanofoam made this process easy to remedy with only a minimal quantity of applied torque to the 1/2 pound base stand.  By twisting the iPad away from the base, it was easily detached.  Even better, since the surface was not sticky, it did not leave behind any residue.  Should you need to use your iPad as a square cash register, as a video conferencing stand, as an accessory screen, as a way to access your recipes, or to have a secure mount for video viewing, the Slope will meet your need.  If you want to take this device on-the-go, you can replace the plastic coating on the back/foot. You can then drop it into a backpack or bag, and reaffix it to the desired surface in your hotel room or office. Even though I tested the product with Apple devices, this was not designed solely for them; you can add an E-reader, Android Smartphone, or a variety of tablets.  As noted above, the nanofoam suction was more robust in the first few days but waned steadily over about a 72 hour period. Perhaps my favorite feature of this stand is that you do not need to remove your device from a case because any flat surface should work. I tested this with a Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max and in a generic iPad Air 2 case. Both of these cases worked flawlessly with the Slope.

I did not experience any damage to my end table, desk, or kitchen table and also did not appreciate any issues with my iPad or iPhone. Over the last several weeks, I have affixed, removed, and reaffixed my iPad Pro, our old ipad 2 (shown in the pictures), my iPhone 11 Pro Max, and several other devices. I still have not had to wash the surface and I have not found any type of significant strength reduction. I do not believe that you will find a simpler, more elegant, more secure mounting option than the Slope from Wiplabs.

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