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Soar the Skies & Earn Your Stripes in Sky Wings

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Earlier this week, a new game was launched for iOS and Android called Sky Wings. It’s an endless flyer game where you, the player, are a fearless aviator with the goal of fulfilling your family’s legacy by becoming the Ultimate Sky Wings player by earning 10 million points. You have many obstacles to overcome like dangerous terrain, trees, mountains and even other planes. But, if you are a skilled enough pilot, you can earn badges and achieve accomplishments throughout the course of the game.

Some of the key features of Sky Wings include:

  • Fly over rough jungles
  • Earn flight badges
  • Use power-ups to enhance your flight
  • Challenge and beat your friends
  • Use boosters to fly high in the skies
  • Collect coins and upgrade power-ups
  • Experience colorful and vivid HD graphics
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“In Sky Wings, you must have lightning-fast reflexes and a daring disposition. The skies are never exactly the same, so being able to think on your feet — or up in the air! — is a must,” says Ahmed Bukhatir, founder and CEO, Woweez. “Can you make your family proud and show the world (and your friends) that you’re the best of the best? Put on your pilot helmet and find out!”

I found Sky Wings to be fun and challenging. Because it’s an endless flyer, I had some difficulties when it came to navigation. Your plane will fly in a straight line unless you tell it to move up or down the screen by swiping your finger up or down on the screen. I’m somewhat lousy at endless runner, or in this case, flyer, games. The developer built-in a lot of power-ups that will appear throughout the game, but I couldn’t keep my pilot flying long enough to get them.

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Some of the power-ups include:

Boost: A jet engine that propels the plane to incredible speeds high above the cloud cover.
Giant Magnet: Attracts coins toward the plane.
Red Coin: Doubles all coin pickups for a limited time.
Score Multiplier: Doubles the score for a limited time.

I did find Sky Wings to be a lot of fun. Even though I had some difficulties due to my lack of gaming skills, I still really enjoyed playing. In addition to an enjoyable playing expereience, I was very engaged by the colorful, playful graphics throughout gameplay.

If you are a fan of flying games or endless runners, I can highly recommend Sky Wings. It’s free to download with in-app purchases available.

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