A very sturdy, well-made case for iPhone X with special kickstand ring.

Right now it seems like everyone is accessorizing their phone cases with kickstand rings and pop sockets.  I never gravitated towards them because they tend to increase the bulk of the phone and I don’t like that they could become unattached.  The Skech Vortex gives the convenience of having a kickstand ring attached to the case and without the extra bulk.


The Vortex case features an adjustable ring on the back of the case that keeps the phone firmly in your hand. In addition to the ring, Vortex also has a built-in metal plate for a magnetic car mount and a dual-layer construction for drop protection. Speaking of which, the case has passed 10-ft drop testing. The ring holder rotates 360 degrees. The case has a soft-touch finish and is scratch resistant. There is also a 1.1mm bezel for screen protection.

SKECH Vortex iPhone X Case and Car Mount (Champagne) REVIEW

Seeing the picture on the box, the case looks slim but in my mind, I was convinced it would be a lot more of a case by adding the kickstand on the back. That said, the Vortex case remains very slim and doesn’t feel heavy or bulky. The kickstand sits inside the built-in space on the back and maybe sits out about a centimeter off of it. The champagne color is nice and compliments my black iPhone X nicely.  It’s a simple two-piece snap-in phone case with a hard outer shell and soft inner shell.  One benefits of that is that the buttons are the soft material and tend to be easier to work with.  The ring itself is metal and can rotate different directions.  The car mount is an easy-to-clip-on piece with a magnet to connect to the case.

User Experience

The case snaps on very easily and requires little to no effort.  The same is true with the car mount clip.  I actually enjoy using the ring when making phone calls.  The way it fits my finger and then I can just rest the case on my hand instead of having to grip it is a comfort I didn’t know what I was missing out on.  The fact the ring rotates allows for easy adjusting of the kickstand for sitting up the phone to watch videos.  I do think this is a case that you will still have to easy on though.  I think if you are someone who is “rough” with your devices that the ring may end up breaking because when you flip it downward it does meet resistance at one point and doesn’t fit flush to the case.  I think if I would push it very hard, it would snap it off.  If you take good care of this phone case though I could see it lasting.  The car mount is very convenient and easy to use and actually hold onto the phone very well and hasn’t fallen off.  I really like that the car mount is so small and doesn’t look like an eyesore when not in use.

SKECH Vortex iPhone X Case and Car Mount (Champagne) REVIEW


This is a very nice case and if you are a fan of the kickstand rings or have wanted to try them out I would highly recommend it.  I haven’t had any issues with it and really enjoy having it on my iPhone X.  I tried out another Sketch case recently and this case like the last is very solid and I think the brand has quality products in general.


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