Do you want protection but still want the look and feel of a naked iPhone?  Look no further than the STARK case from SKECH

As the prices of iPhones continue to expand, I find it shocking to see starkly naked iPhones.  For every one of us that relies upon total event-proof, armored, protection, you have another that wants invisible protection.  Unlike many choices that rely solely upon preference, the decision on whether or not to shield your iPhone seems lopsided.  When a modern phone can set you back a thousand dollars, and the Apple Care plus costs a few hundred, why not spend another $25 to protect the front/back from scratches, to protect the camera and to significantly reduce damage from a fall?  The best aspect of the case market is that there are a plethora of options.  I would find it shocking if there was not a case that suited the fancy of nearly all of us.  Similar to Iron Man’s Hall of Armors, we can choose our protection based on the situation.  If you are going to the pool, to a waterpark, to the beach or to the lake, you may want a waterproof case.  If you are going on a mountain bike excursion, a hike or into the wilderness, you may want a rugged-all-armor style case.  You may want a wallet case or a magnetic mount case, or a battery case.  Then sometimes, you may want that thin, barely-noticeable, cannot-feel-it, invisible design, invincible protection like the STARK iPhone XS Max case from SKECH .

SKECH iPhone XS Max Case Stark
I have recently had the pleasure of reviewing both the VORTEX and the CACHÉ case from SKECH and found both cases to serve somewhat similar yet very different roles.  I initially thought that I was not going to like the STARK case due to the elementary design.  However, this case may be the most minimalistic case I have tested thus far.  Arriving in a 4 5/16 inches wide by 7 1/2 inches tall by 3/4 inches thick retail package, the STARK case promised that sheer stocking appearance.  The cover was adorned with a 5 inches tall by 2 1/8 inches wide image of the clear plastic case.  The bold SKECH name was emblazoned along the top of the case, the “STARK” product name was displayed toward my bottom left and iPhone XS Max was labeled toward my bottom right.  Looking to the left of the image, I found three icons: Micro Defense Technology, Lifetime Warranty, and Ultra-Slim Design.  Perhaps the most amazing feature was the “DROP-TESTED” logo toward my upper right, as I did not expect this small case to provide 8-foot drop protection.  The back panel provided two picturesque images of an iPhone XS Max within the case.  The upper image displayed a side view of a phone with a visible edge design.  Instead of covering the side panels, the case hugged the corners, protected the back and provided an ultra-slim design.  To learn even more information about the case, lift the front magnetic flap and evaluate the eight icons: raised camera protection, scratch resistant, shock absorbing anti-slip, drop protection, 1.1MM bezel for screen protection, direct button access, visible edge design, and port protection.  Along the lower edge of the inner flap, there were two additional images that showed the visible-edge design and the micro defense drop protection.  Diverting my gaze toward the right, I found the clear plastic case resting upon a white plastic pedestal.

To install the case onto my iPhone XS Max, I placed the upper edge of my phone into the case and then pressed the bottom corners into the case.  This technique allowed me to place the camera into the camera cutout and to align the lightning port.  The top and bottom of the iPhone were lined with clear thin plastic, whereas the sides were left unadorned.  I was impressed with the ultra-lightweight nature of the 0.7 ounce case, which added minimally to the 7.34 ounce iPhone XS Max.  The cutout for the camera was well placed and added a layer of protection to the camera.  The lower edge of the phone had precision cutouts for the 1 inch wide by 1/2 inch thick lightning port and for the speakers.  Thanks to the lightning port cutout, you should be able to utilize both Apple-branded and third party cables.  The case may not seem like it is as protective as many of the other cases on the market, but I have not had any complaints over the last week of use.  The case is protective where it needs to be and absent where it can be.  Combined, the case is the most minimalistic case I have used to date.  If you navigate to the SKECH website, you can purchase the device in black, clear, Moss and Sangria.  Each color of the case had a thin 13/16 inches wide shock absorbing anti-slip column running up the center of the case.  The back of the case had a mildly sticky feel, increasing my grip on the phone.  The tactile feel was pleasing and enhanced the overall appeal of the case.  Measuring at 4 1/2 inches wide by 8 1/4 inches tall by 3/8 inches thick, I do not think that the TPU/poly-carbonate case could have been thinner.  If you worry about protecting your smartphone but you wish to show off the beauty, this is the perfect case for you.

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