A case for most iPhone X users.

The iPhone X literally just came out. I waited in line overnight in the rain to get my new favorite piece of cutting-edge digital goodness. I knew that it was going to be awesome, but it has seriously surpassed all of my expectations. It’s a glorious phone. It is also incredibly expensive. With more glass on the phone, this makes it even more fragile and susceptible to breaks, dings, and all-out shattered mess (or dreams depending on your outlook). With every new iPhone release, there is always the question of what case to use, how to use it, and is it going to be worth it. I personally want a case that is versatile, durable, stylish, and won’t hamper mobility for fashion sake. I like a case to be dual purpose and still look stylish while doing it.

SKECH Polo Book iPhone X Case REVIEW

Skech’s Polo Book fills a lot of needs and wants from an iPhone X case for me, and many consumers. The Polo Book is self-explanatory, it’s meant to look like a book. It’s a book wrapped in a very stylish synthetic leather. I have had several cases with this material, and it tends to be of a fairly cheap quality, unlike the Polo Book. Like some of the similar case on the market, there is a magnetic clasp on the side to hold the flap closed. On the inside is a wallet. Unlike most of the competition, the wallet isn’t just a few slots cut into the material. The Polo Book also has a clear ID slot as well, so you never need to pull out your ID. Having the wallet built into your phone case not only cuts down on everyday care items, it just simplified your life.

SKECH Polo Book iPhone X Case REVIEW

The Polo Book sits snuggly in a detachable hard case wrapped in matching material that attaches to the wallet case magnetically. This is ideal for people like me who like to change things up. Sometimes it is beneficial to carry a wallet. For people who don’t think so, they still have the added option to just detach and go. The hard case offers decent protection while not hampering ease of use for the iPhone X while in or out of the wallet. The hard case can be slightly detached from the wallet to be used a kickstand for those impromptu Netflix sessions. As an added bonus, the hard case also works with any existing or future magnetic mounts. This was a nice surprise for me. I have been using a system that I had to attach a small metal disk to the back of a case for my car mount to work. Now I have functionality with style. Skech’s Polo Book is a case for most iPhone X owners.

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