A great compliment for the iPhone.

By far my favorite type of phone case to use for my iPhone 7 Plus is a folio style.  I like the convenience of having spare cash, my ID, and a debit card on me when having a bag isn’t an option. One issue for folio cases that causes people to not want to use them is the bulkiness when making a call or when they’re wanting to be using for an extended period of time.  The SKECH Polo Book iPhone case may have solved this issue by allowing the phone to have an inside case that is detachable from the folio book itself.

SKECH Polo Book iPhone 8/7/6s Plus Folio Case REVIEW

Unboxing:  The champagne color doesn’t match my iPhone 7 Plus Rose Gold color but it does compliment nicely.  The whole case is made of a leather-like material that looks well done.  I was surprised to see that the case clip for the phone that is removable is also lined with the faux leather to match.  I like the feel of it because it has a nice grip for me to hold the phone in my hand.  I have a screen protector on my phone and I would highly suggest having one if you will be using just the case without the covering.  There’s not much protection that it has for drops.  However, if it lands on the leather side it would have a nice cushion for impact and I think could prevent shattering the screen.  There is a nice magnetic clasp to help keep the folio closed with you aren’t using it which in turn provides some 360 coverage.  Other folios I’ve used that didn’t have a clasp could flap open anytime and you needed to be more aware of what’s inside falling out.  The inner phone case is attached by a strong magnet and which has its pros and cons.  The pro:  I won’t have to struggle with clasps getting it out.  The con:  it won’t line up correctly if you don’t place it right.  Taking the extra second lining it up is not that daunting of a task and I won’t have to worry about broken clasps or heaven forbid velcro.  The sitting on the edges looks well done and I think it will hold up and still look nice with normal wear and tear.

SKECH Polo Book iPhone 8/7/6s Plus Folio Case REVIEW

Testing It Out: My iPhone easily snapped into the leather-lined plastic casing.  I began adding cards to the wallet and the fit snug but not to tight where I will have issues getting them out or too loose running the risk of them falling out.  One folio test I like to see is to determine how it folds while making a phone call with the folio completely intact.  It isn’t a perfect fold over but I can tell if I work on breaking it in a little bit I will no longer have that issue.  Now once again that’s not even really an issue due to the functionality of being able to remove the phone from the case entirely.  The cutouts on the phone allowed me no issues in plugging in my charger, did not block audio, and side buttons are very easy to access.  I like being able to set up the phone by folding the case to be a viewing stand,  What I do want to say is if you take yours out of the folio at home make sure you place it somewhere to grab it before you leave your home.  I almost left a couple days no money, no ID.

SKECH Polo Book iPhone 8/7/6s Plus Folio Case REVIEW

Overall this case is great and I really enjoy using it.  If you want to try out a folio case but you’re on the fence, the SKECH Polo Book detachable iPhone case would be a great case to check out because you aren’t stuck with the commitment of one or the other. The company offers a 1-year warranty on this case that you can use if you register your product. There are three color choices – black, champagne (the one I tested), and tan.

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