The Matrix Sparkle provides style along with form and function.

I’m not much for glitz and glamor. My daily wardrobe usually consists of jeans and t-shirt. I like comfort and function over fashion. So, when I look for a case for my phone, I look for protection over design every time. It’s not that design isn’t important it just takes a backseat to the primary function of a case, which is to protect the phone it’s on. All that said, I was recently introduced to a case that gives me both strong protection along with the glamor I had been lacking – the Matrix Sparkle from Skech.

This remarkable case is more than just a pretty face. It combines a gorgeous facade with a strong inner core that provides your phone with impact and scratch protection. The Matrix is engineered to absorb shock and has a raised rim to assist with screen protection. The case passes drop test standards up to 6 feet and also has an anti-slip coating so that the case is easy to handle. It’s made from polycarbonate/TPU and is built to last.

Skech Matrix Sparkle iPhone Case

The case comes packaged in a simple branded box that slides out to reveal the case. There aren’t any complicated instructions for installation, which I appreciate. By its looks, the Matrix is a simple bumper style case, but from the moment you slip it onto your phone, you can feel that it’s a bit more than that. I was expecting to be able to just flip the case onto my phone like all other TPU cases. When I tried to pull back a corner to fit it onto my phone, I found that the case is much less pliable than others of the similar style. It’s harder — stronger.

Even though I’m not a ‘girly girl’ I actually like the extra shine that the Matrix Sparkle case provides. It’s subtle and because it’s infused into the case, the glitter doesn’t wipe off on my hands, which is always annoying to me. But this case just provides the pretty look without the mess.

Skech Matrix Sparkle iPhone Case

There are a couple of things I always look for with phone cases. First, I don’t want the area around the Lighting port to be padded because it ends up making it harder to charge either with a dock or a charging cable. The Matrix Sparkle case is fully accessible and I’ve not had any problems with charging my phone with it on.

The other thing I look at is how easy the buttons are to press through the case. Some cases allow you to easily make contact with the volume button, but you have to make a really strong effort with the power button. Others make it impossible for you to toggle the mute switch. The Matrix Glitter case got it right all the way around. I haven’t had any issues with the buttons or the switch. They are all easy to work with and it makes using the case that much more enjoyable.

Skech Matrix Sparkle iPhone Case

I have to admit that while I didn’t expect much from this case that I am completely impressed with it. It provides ample protection with plenty of style and function.

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