Everything you need from a simple, protective phone case.

I’ve always enjoyed using a phone case on my phone. For one thing, they can help you personalize your device and for another, you protect it with a covering. Some people prefer to keep their phone ‘virgin’ and not use anything on it. Maybe I’m just erring on the side of caution, but I want my phone protected and kept in pristine condition. That said, I don’t really like to have anything too bulky on it. The unfortunate thing is that most cases that provide quality protection, are the bulkier defender-style cases. That was true until now.

The Echo case from SKECH is the toughest simple case I’ve ever met. It’s a bumper-style case that protects the back and sides of the phone but leaves the face of the phone open. This case has a semi-hard feel to it, but it’s actually quite rigid due to its Shockwave Technology. This technology makes it possible for this case to be the only case that meets 15-foot drop-test standards. It has a dual interlocking frame that distributes shock throughout the exterior ridges. Even though the case leaves the face open, it provides bezel protection as well as a scratch resistant surface.

SKECH Echo iPhone Case REVIEW

Installation of the Echo case is pretty easy. Even though it’s a little more rigid than other cases of this style, you can still snap your phone into place with very little problems. Unlike other cases of this style, I’ve found that the Echo doesn’t peel off the back of the phone. Once it’s in place, it’s in place. And, if you want to remove your phone from the case, it takes a little extra elbow grease to get it started.

Echo comes in two colors — clear and smoke. I have the clear version on my phone because I like showing off the black facade of my iPhone. I also have a screen protector on my phone so to me, the Echo case is the perfect compliment to my set-up. One of the issues I typically have with cases like this is the grip. The side edges make it easy to keep a hold of the phone while it’s in the case, but the backing is fairly slick. In addition to the bezel that protects the screen, there is also a bezel built into the camera area, which protects the lens quite nicely. Now one thing I want to point out is that there is a bit of recess for the Lightning port. I’ve not had any problems connecting a standard cable or even charging it on a dock, but it’s something to be aware of if you use a non-standard, hefty cable.

SKECH Echo iPhone Case REVIEW

I’ve not done any independent drop tests to try out the 15-foot claims by SKECH, but there has been a time or two that the phone has slipped from my hand and it’s survived a 4-5 foot fall with no damage. The case is a wonderful hybrid between a bumper and defender style case. I would easily purchase this again and would recommend it to anyone who wants protection without bulk.

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