Protect your phone and up to four credit cards in style with the elegant SKECH CACHÉ case.

What is it about accent marks that escalate boring words into tantalizing ones?  Many of us attempt to use foreign words and phrasing but we often misuse them.  Unfortunately, I have read and personally written works that reeked of cliché.  We do not strike-out every time, however, and sometimes we succeed in using words creatively.  The triangular SKECH CACHÉ case arrived in an 8 inches tall by 4 3/4 inches wide by variable thickness retail case (5/8 inches top and 1 1/2 inches bottom).  The cover displayed a gold-colored 5 inches tall by 2 1/4 inches wide raised glossy image of an iPhone XS Max Case.  SKECHE did a great job showing both a visual and verbal picture of the built-in card holder and slim design case.  The title was well displayed toward your top left and along the top right, I was pleased to see a “Drop-Tested” icon, which detailed the 10-foot drop rating.  Looking toward my bottom left, I found the product name CACHÉ.  I immediately thought of the phrase cache-sexe and thought about undergarments.  However, a quick internet search provided a variety of meanings for the word: elegance/pompousness, or a hidden/inaccessible trove of items,    Beneath the title, SKECH included a description of the product name “sleek, slim, organized.”  I loved that the company had sufficient product confidence to leave the top and side panels flat white.  It would have been easy to add something to the empty space and that would have been a mistake.  A clean pallet screamed elegance and the product was allowed to speak for itself.  Turning the packaging over, we were given quite a bit more information about the features of the case.  I was excited to see icons detailing the built-in four card holder, car mount compatibility (one included with the case), the 1-year warranty and the ability to use a card as a viewing stand.

Returning to the cover, I lifted the magnetic flap and reviewed the inner surface.   I was greeted with a 3 1/2 inches tall by 1 5/8 inches wide raised glossy image of the back of the case.  Adding to the icons on the back of the case, the inner flap provided six additional icons: wireless charging compatible, drop protection, responsive buttons, 1.1mm bezel for screen protection, and port protection.  Two of the icons were repeated, “converts into viewing stand, car mount compatible.” Looking toward the right, I was pleased to see a fully accessible case, resting upon a pedestal.  Located along the bottom right, SKECH included a small black magnetic vent mount, with their name across the face.  The device felt a little more robust than similar products on the market and had a single horizontal slit for the vent.  I would recommend placing this as close to the bottom of your vent as possible because the 10.2 ounce iPhone XS Max/CACHÉ will cause the vent to sag.  I liked that they chose to build the vent attachment with a single slit, as compared to other devices on the market.  The devices with a “+” shaped cutout tend to tear easily when adding/removing them from the vent.  I placed/replaced/moved the vent attachment device about 50 times and found no damage to the device.

Removing the case from the pedestal, I found a single 2 1/8 by 3 5/16 inches rose gold colored metallic plate.   Looking at the case from the back, you will find a cutout for the vertically oriented iPhone XS max camera and a 4 3/8 inches tall by 2 15/16 card slot.  The slot will accommodate the metallic plate plus three cards or up to four cards of your choosing.  The right side of the case had a well-placed volume toggle cutout and high-quality rubberized buttons to adjust the volume up and down.  The left side of the case beautifully displayed the SKECH name, etched along the bottom.  Along the upper edge, I was pleased to find a similarly colored, rubberized power button.  Along the bottom of the case, I found two well-placed speaker cutouts and a 9/16 inches long by 1/4 inches wide lightning port cutout.  Instead of providing a narrow lightning access port, SKECH chose to provide a fully accessible, wide mouth opening.  This choice allowed me to use my Apple lightning charger and other off-brand boxier chargers as well.  The edge of the case was composed of a hard shell plastic and the inner section was composed of a soft silicone/rubberized material.  The case provided a nice recess to the camera and a small degree of screen protection as well.

SKECH Caché Stand
I have found that devices that attempt to fulfill a jack-of-all-trades role, often end up disappointing the user.  For instance, the CACHÉ case was designed to be a magnetic mountable case, a credit card holder case, wireless charging case, and a convertible viewing stand case.  Instead of forcing all of the features, this case allows you to choose which features you wish to use.  The included metallic card doubled as the magnetic attachment point and the viewing stand.  These two features paired perfectly and added a great deal to the case.  Interestingly, the small magnetic vent mount also doubled as a viewing stand in both vertical and landscape modes.  The main issue that I had with the case was the idea that people would use the magnetic attachment with credit cards nestled behind the metallic plate.  There is a very real possibility that the magnetic field could erase the magnetic stripe on your cards, leaving you without access to your data. If you wish to use the case solely as a credit card case, you will not be disappointed.  You could use the included metallic stand or another card as the stand, if desired.

The case succeeded at fulfilling the various roles and did so without adding much bulk.  The buttons were responsive, the viewing stand and magnetic attachments were secure.  Besides avoiding the magnet/credit card problem, the only other negative that I found was that the vent mount lacked a lower support arm.  If you are in the market for a protective rose gold or black colored quad-card case, SKECH may have read your mind.  Combined with the additive viewing stand features, and the ability to set your cards aside and magnetically mount the phone, this protective case succeeded in covering a variety of roles.  What more could you want?

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