We’ve done a redesign!

O ur goal here are MacSources is to create great content and deliver the latest products and technology news. We believe we have been succeeding at this goal, but wanted to ensure that the design of our site wasn’t hindering us in anyway. With this in mind, we decided to do a complete overhaul of the design in the hopes that it would make for a better reading experience for you, our readers.

Some of the changes we’ve made will help the site load faster, look cleaner, be more responsive on mobile devices and have less distractions, like sidebar advertisements on the front page. Updating and maintaining MacSources the past few years has been a true labor of love and we only hope that our readers love it as much as we do.

We understand that there may be people out there who dislike the ‘new look,’ but we hope that you will grow to like it. There are still a lot of elements that remain the same and this new look doesn’t change our passion for writing.

The past design limited our design options and we wanted one that would be able to grow as we grow. We hope that you understand our reasons for making such a dramatic change and will continue to be avid readers of MacSources.com.