Get rid of extra baggage with this slim style case.

The other day my fiance and I were talking about how he has trouble remembering to take his wallet places. I told him that was precisely why I started carrying my iPhone in a wallet case. There are plenty of times I will leave my purse behind at home, but I never leave my phone. The only issue I have with most wallet cases is that they can get a little cumbersome. I really just need something simple. A case that will house a couple of cards, but remains slender and in line with the phone’s natural design. This is where the Silk Wallet Slayer Vol 2 Card Case comes in. I have it on my iPhone 7, but it’s also available for the iPhone SE/5S/5, iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 8, iPhone X, and the Samsung Galaxy series phones.


The Wallet Slayer Vol 2 is designed to fit up to 3 cards and cash in its slim leather-like pouch. This case has a unique feature in that you can use one of your cards as a kickstand for media viewing or video calls. The case has a slight texture to it, which keeps it from sliding from your hands while you are using it. The screen-side of the case does have a small lip so that your screen is protected from flat surfaces. The buttons feel a lot like the natural buttons on an iPhone. The Wallet Slayer has a soft-touch rubber feel with a premium cloth (leather-like) pocket. Silk, the designed, does state that the case is wireless charging compatible, but I would recommend removing any cards with magnetic strips before placing on a charger.

Silk Wallet Slayer Vol 2 Card Case for iPhone 7 REVIEW

User Experience

I am one of ‘those’ iPhone users that constantly has their phone in a case. I’ve had too many accidents where my phone has gotten damaged so I try to make it as protected as possible. That said, I don’t typically like bulky cases at all. The defender-style cases are not my preference even though I have used them in the past. The Wallet Slayer is actually right up my alley. It is slim but covers all the basics of iPhone protection in my book. It’s compact enough to slip into a pocket without much trouble.

The card pocket is easy to slide cards into, but I found that the best balance for me is two cards — a debit card and my driver’s license. Any more than that and it starts becoming a hassle to pull the cards out. The pocket may relax over time, but I have a concern that might make the cards slide out too easily. I don’t want to lose them so I will likely just stick with the two cards with this case.

While I was testing out this case, I did watch a video for about an hour. I found that phone got very warm during that time. As soon as I wasn’t actively using the phone, it cooled down and didn’t warm back up again until I watched another video. I believe that as long as you are monitoring this carefully, you shouldn’t have any issues with the phone overheating.

Silk Wallet Slayer Vol 2 Card Case for iPhone 7 REVIEW


The Wallet Slayer Vol 2 is a really nice option for a wallet case. It gives you the opportunity to become more mobile with your mobile phone and not have to constantly worry about leaving your essential cards at home when you go out.

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