With the Silk Q Card Wallet Slayer you can forget your wallet at home.

It took a while to turn my wife from the dark side to an iPhone.  With our four children in tow, she lives a very active, on-the-go lifestyle.  She did not want just any case to adorn her new Apple iPhone. She wanted a functional yet stylish case that would allow her to leave her purse at home and to simply grab-and-go.  The Silk Smartish Product Q Card Case seduced her with the promise of a stylish phone case and with the ability to tote a credit card, drivers license and bonus card. 

The silk Wallet slayer Vol. 2 arrived in a 3 1/2 inches wide by 7 1/8 inches tall by 3/4 inches wide retail case.  My eye was immediately drawn to the 4 1/2 inches tall by 2 1/8 inches wide photograph quality image of the wallet/folio style card case on the cover.  The slightly-raised, glossy, image of the Q Card Case contrasted beautifully against the clean-white background.  I loved the mint colored  “WALLET SLAYER” written across the top and the 1 1/4 inches diameter “Silk Smartish products” along the bottom corner. The rear panel of the book style package provided six thought bubbles with humorous reviews.  I liked their jesting approach and found their style to be directed toward a younger crowd. The spine of the packaging provided a small mint-colored, 3/8 inch diameter, circle with S in the negative space and a copper colored “silk” with mint colored Smartish products.  The remaining sides were left unadorned.  The indented top/bottom panels were lined with the inner smooth plastic phone case tray.  The side panel was open directly to the phone case.  

Silk Q Card iPhone X Case REVIEW

The cover was securely affixed to the inner plastic tray by an upper and lower magnet. The inner surface of the cover listed “Q CARD CASE” along the top, a 1 3/4 inches diameter thought bubble with “THE GOODS: Carries 3 cards, credit card kickstand, grippy sides” and “CM4 is now silk Smartish products” with the SilkSmartish.com/CM4 website address along the bottom. To the right, you will find a black plastic case with a felt three-card holder.  I lifted the case from the platform and noticed that there was a cardboard phone insert.  The 3 inches wide by 5 3/4 inches tall case had an odd shaped trapezoidal cutout along the back.  The credit card holder measured 4 inches long at the bottom, 4 1/4 inches long at the top, 2 1/4 inches wide at the base and 2 3/8 inches wide at the top (angled).  The tweed material, coupled with the attractive stitching provided both a tactile and visual appeal.  Along the power button edge of the card holder, there was a symmetrical trapezoidal cutout, which allowed me to push the credit cards out of the holder. The back of the phone case was a matte black color and was quite smooth to the touch.  This contrasted beautifully with the tweed texture of the card holder and with the enhanced gritty texture of the sides of the case.  

Silk Q Card iPhone X Case REVIEW

The Q Card Case provided precision cutouts for the iPhone X camera, lightning port, lower speakers, and volume toggle.  The 9/16 inches long by 1/4 inches wide lightning port cutout should accommodate any lightning cable.  The front rim of the case extended about 1/16-inches above the phone screen and added an extra level of protection for the phone screen. I removed the thin Q Card Case and perused the Q&A listed on the back.  The case promised to hold three cards, to expand after a few days to more easily accommodate the cards, to allow wireless charging and promised that the phone would not demagnetize your cards.  For more information about the case, the Q&A card directed you to the SilkSmartish.com/QX and for warranty information to SilkSmartish.com/support.  Even though the insert stated that the iPhone would not demagnetize the cards, I would still remove the cards prior to charging the phone wirelessly.  I was pleased to find that the iPhone X charged as if the case was not even there.


In addition to the included Q&A card, I was surprised to find an accessory thin plastic screen shield.  The shield had an appropriate cutout for the notch.  Application of the screen shield proved to be quite easy, but there was not an included alcohol cleaning pad or dust sticker.  Luckily I had some Whoosh lying around and I was able to cleanse the screen before application of the sticker. With the screen protector installed, I inserted the volume toggle side of the iPhone X into the case and pressed firmly along the upper, outer and then lower edges of the phone.  The 6.97-ounce iPhone X/Case combo felt amazing in my hands.  The textured sides added a great deal to the overall feel and ended up being my favorite part of the case.  The power button and volume up/down buttons were a little squishy but Just above the credit card holder, you will find a 3 1/2 inches long credit card cutout.  You can remove one of the credit cards, insert it into the slot and enjoy a landscape kickstand.  Although the kickstand was not adjustable, I appreciated this feature.  

Silk Q Card iPhone X Case REVIEW

If you are looking for a visibly stylish credit card case, with credit card kickstand and textured grippy sides, look no further because Silk has your six.  Available in Black Tie Affair, Red Rover Red Rover, Blues on the Green, and Flavor of the Month (Floral), you should be able to find the perfect case to match your need.

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